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Sites like SNS, PSP and GNR are sending data to Google

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Privacy is currently a luxury, as user data is increasingly exposed, even after the 2018 General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) was launched.

According to the newspaper Expresso, several online public services such as the Government, SNS, PSP and GNR share data directly with Google, with the intention of using the latter for planning and designing advertising campaigns, through the Doubleclick service. At paid version of Jornal Expresso, it is advanced that very sensitive information is being shared, that is, the same information that is required to access HIV drugs or to schedule covid-19 vaccines.

According to Eduardo Correia, a professor at the University of Porto, “the State is handing over to internet giants sensitive citizen data. This case is particularly serious on sites related to essential State services, such as the SNS, Finance and Justice, which use external tracking services to optimize the management of these sites”.

Sites like SNS PSP and GNR are sending data to

The Shared Services of the Ministry of Health (SPMS), have already responded to this situation, indicating that the data are treated anonymously and are for statistical purposes: “there is no sharing of personal data with Google or any other external entity”.

However, the services confirm that they have recently made changes. “Following the questions asked, we decided to suspend the use of the Google Analytics tool”, announced the SPMS, cited by Expresso.

The newspaper also published that “the anonymization of data prevents the name of the Internet user from being revealed, but not that advertising companies create user profiles according to locations, preferred themes, visited ‘sites’, purchases made or IP addresses stored by the history of internet browsing”.

According to data protection experts, there is a “gross violation of the law” here.

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