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site is offline and the company has already declared bankruptcy

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Gearbest was once one of the main import stores in China, and has been the main one for a long time. MaisTecnologia even promoted the store several times in partnership with Gearbest, as the products they offered were of great quality and very competitive prices.

I would even say that Xiaomi itself, when it was only present in China, grew a lot in the world market thanks to Gearbest, which made many partnerships to promote the brand’s products across borders. Combined with an excellent marketing strategy, it was the first to create the “Priority Line”, a means of transport that allowed products to be received without them stopping at customs and, as a result, additional (and expensive) costs. But then if it was that important what happened?

It’s hard to explain what happened, but the truth is that in recent times there was already a lot of criticism of the company (and we ourselves stopped promoting the online store). In addition to numerous internet exposures about the problems Gearbest has had, from unsuccessful deliveries to difficulties in getting reimbursement, among others, there have clearly been problems at the company. And the peak may have happened now.

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Gearbest website is offline

If you try to access you will find an error and the site cannot be found. as it has been happening for a few hours, the company will have even gone bankrupt and ceased operation, without any warning to anyone.

What we did was check the company’s social networks looking for any information, which we didn’t find, as is common when a reputable company takes the site offline for some reason. By the way, our concern increases when we verify that the company published the last time on its Facebook in the beginning of June, that is, more than 3 months ago. A page with over 4 million fans.

So we continued looking and found the site CNX Software It should be noted that at the beginning of September a “bankruptcy review” process was filed by the company that owns Gearbest. So there’s no doubt that Gearbest is gone.

So what about the customers?

Unfortunately, this news is not very encouraging and we only have to look at the various comments on Facebook to realize that there will be hundreds, if not thousands, of customers who have run out of money and the product has not been shipped.

Some of the complaints indicate that as they made the payment through Paypal, they ended up getting the return made by Paypal itself, so if you are one of those who purchased a product in recent months and made the payment through Paypal, it is better to try the refund.

Are there other more reliable sites online?

Fortunately, most stores have proven to be reliable over the years, but we already know that these situations are difficult to predict. However there are some online stores, which in addition to having excellent methods of transport, also have European warehouses, which facilitates sending and receiving, as well as not risking any extra costs with customs:

  • Geekbuying: is one of the oldest importer stores in Asia, along with Gearbest and BangGood, as I recall. Currently, we still have some partnerships with these companies and the company even has its own products, such as the well-known manufacturer of sound products, Tronsmart.
  • banggood: another company with a great track record in these journeys, also with excellent delivery methods and European warehouses.
  • Amazon: Ok, this case is not an importer, but it is without doubt one of the most important online stores. With the recent reinforcement in Europe and, especially in Portugal, we have seen more and more offers for our country and, therefore, it is a store to be taken into account.

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