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Simplified group calls on Whatsapp

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WhatsApp simplified group calls. Even involved in an image problem after the changes he tried to impose with the new rules, users continue to bet on WhatsApp and, especially, on group calls.

The latest proposals show that the app will soon be able to do without the smartphone, which can be used on other devices. There is also the possibility that we will soon have encrypted backups within the cloud services used. But for missed calls, you will soon be able to participate in them once they start.

To help users, a screen with call details has been created. This allows you to see who is already participating in the conversation and who has been invited but not yet. If the user clicks “ignore”, they can participate later from the “calls” tab in WhatsApp. When entering the chat of a group that is making a connection, the user will also be automatically invited to participate.

Simplified group calls on Whatsapp

It is also possible to add a contact at any time from a new button, and the participant can join the call if it is ongoing.

It is not yet known whether this new feature will depend on an update or whether it will be activated remotely, thus creating the possibility automatically.

WhatsApp has accumulated many new features and improvements over the past few months. Many are in the internal testing phase or in evaluations already available in beta versions, just waiting for them to reach the necessary maturity.

In any case, it is related to Group calls will pass directly to users, enriching this service with more features.

However, it’s also news that WhatsApp beta for iPhone now has the option for photos and videos to be viewed only once. The feature has been available on Android since June.

Source: The Verge

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