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Shorts takes audio samples from any YouTube video

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YouTube is bringing audio sampling from videos to Shorts, allowing users to sample audio from any content uploaded via the video sharing platform.

One of the greatest strengths of TikTok is the ability to sample audio from other users’ videos.

This feature allows users to discover new content by watching videos with the same sound.

YouTube officially announced this feature last month Published community support.

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The feature should now be available for the first time in new markets as part of the launch of Shorts in the UK, Canada and a number of Latin American countries (including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela).

The YouTube sampling tool is then rolling out to other Shorts markets, including the US, in the coming weeks.

Shorts users can sample other Shorts clips as well as from the licensed music library. But this update significantly expands the audio they can easily access.

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This feature directs YouTube users to the Shorts feature via a new Create button in the mobile app.

This appears below the videos, next to the Like and Dislike buttons. Tapping on it gives users the option to test the audio of the video in Shorts.

Shorts viewers can also click on the audio in any video to go back to the original YouTube source.

YouTube said: “This feature allows long-form content creators to benefit by allowing the community to find something interesting in their video.”

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youtube boost Shorts:

Not all creators seem happy about this. After YouTube users noticed a new checkbox in the video uploads settings giving Shorts users access to audio, many complained that this allowed people to steal content.

It appears that the permissions box was introduced before Shorts users were able to sample audio from YouTube videos.

Currently, it must be manually deselected for each video. But YouTube has made it clear that it is working on a group opt-out option.

YouTube sampling can cause other problems as well. A wide range of content has been uploaded to YouTube over the years, much of it personal.

The uploaders of this content will not want their videos to be sampled as this may lead to harassment or abuse.

However, sampling will be an opt-out feature rather than a subscription.

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This means that all YouTube videos can be sampled by default. Creators have to decide which videos they don’t want to use in Shorts.

The platform originally launched Shorts last September in India before bringing the feature to the US in March.

Last month, the company announced plans to pay $100 million to creators of Shorts content. This is although it is not clear how much individual creators can earn.

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