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Set up automatic backups of your files with just 2 clicks

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If you use a computer or notebook, you know very well that backing up is very important to ensure the security of your data. Despite this, the most common scenario is one where people totally forget about this part and simply use the machine until one day the worst happens.

If you work with the computer or study, care needs to be even more doubled. That’s because there will be many types of documents that you can’t afford to lose inside your hard drive.

Anyway, anyone has important information stored, whether those photos of a special day to that super important project of the company.

If you don’t want to get scared, it’s better to be safe. And start taking care of your files today. Let’s talk more about file security and how you can protect yourself from possible loss.

Set up automatic backups of your files with just 2

Have you ever thought about the importance of backing up your files?

If this has never crossed your mind, know that you are in great danger.

Going further, it is even possible that you have at some point been in a situation where you have lost some important data and regret not backing it up.

Backup is an extremely important action precisely because it allows you to save data in a safe place so that you can recover in case you end up going through an unexpected situation.

If you don’t have this type of protection, whether saving your data inside a pen drive, external hard drive or even in the cloud, you are in danger. O your computer need this protection.

In case you don’t remember to make the backups, the good news is that there is software that automatically schedules the saves for you, and that’s a big help.

Let’s see now an excellent option for you who want to start to avoid a situation like this.

Discover the software that can help you in this task

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There are now several types of options that help when making automatic backups and take the weight off your back to effectively do this process. One of these options, which is actually our favorite, is the UBackit.

Among the various software we tested, this one easily stood out and became our favorite for use on PCs and notebooks.

And this is very simple to explain: its great advantage over other programs is that it allows you to set up automatic backups of your files with just 2 clicks.

It seems unrealistic, but believe me, it’s not.

UBackit is super simple to use and set up, and you can do the whole process in just a few seconds.

Now let’s get to know a little more about this software and some interesting functions that optimize this work.

custom filter

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You can easily use filters and define which backup files you need to find to restore or which you want to save safely.

Filters are a very important feature, precisely because they allow you to browse your PC’s documents in a very simple way.

Instead of searching for files without any criteria, in this tool you can separate what you need by extension, type, keyword and several other criteria.

This makes it very easy to start your entire data saving process.

Support for multiple formats

With UBackit you can make automatic backup of different types of files, in various formats.

It doesn’t matter if you just want to save work or college documents and spreadsheets, or if you really want to keep family photos and videos safe.

Even entire programs can be safely backed up with automatic backup.

There are no restrictions here, so you can always keep most of your files safe.

automatic backup

One of the biggest advantages of UBackit over other types of software is that you can use it to make automatic backups of your files.

We know well that the hardest part of making backups is just remembering to save the files or incrementally update the changes you’ve made.

So having a tool that does it for you with just 2 clicks is an excellent option.

It’s that simple, no secrets and no fine print.

Configure with just 2 clicks

Best of all, as said, is to configure what you need with just 2 clicks.

To carry out this process, simply select the files you want to back up and then select the frequency of saves.

Learn how to make automatic backups on your PC

If you want to get an even bigger overview of this program and understand how it can help you eliminate the need to remember to make backups, follow and follow the tips.

Find where the automatic backup is

With the ease of being able to schedule everything you want to keep safe, it’s easy to sleep soundly knowing your information won’t get lost.

To do this, create a new backup process and then choose which files you want to keep safe and where they should be saved.

Choose your automatic backup settings

Set up automatic backups of your files with just 2

Right after that, just choose what your backup configuration is, that is, how often you want to make these saves.

The options are:

  • Diary;
  • Weekly;
  • Uninterrupted;
  • Monthly

Choose the one that works best for you and go! With just 2 simple steps and 2 clicks you have already set up to make automatic backups without any problems.

Enjoy all the peace of mind of having your data secure

There’s no way, if you care about the security of your data and information, you need to take care of it and keep safe copies.

These copies can be on another disk inside the machine itself or on some other USB device or external hard drive.

Anyway, what really matters is that you rest assured that you will never lose any information due to any accident on your machine.

Now that you know how to make automatic backups, just take advantage of this facility that UBackit provides and keep your mind at ease.

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