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Seeing 3D Walking Directions on Google Maps

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Google Maps 3D Walking Routes use augmented reality to display real-world directions as seen through our camera. That means you’ll need a phone that supports Apple’s or Google’s AR platforms. The complete list can be found on the Google website, on here.

The tricky thing about these walking routes is that it’s hard for our phone to know which direction we’re looking at. Google Maps solves this problem with helpful 3D walking directions that overlay real-world navigation instructions.

The second thing we need is an area with Google Maps Street View coverage. If you are walking somewhere that is not covered by Street View, you will not see the “Live View” option. We will be able to use Google Maps Live View by opening Google Maps on the iPhone, iPad or Android device and displaying the location you want to go. Tap “Routes”.

Then make sure you are in walking mode at the top and select “Live View” from the bottom toolbar. You will only see this option if walking mode is activated in an area with good Street View.

The first time you use this, there will be some messages about how it works and what permissions you need. Follow the steps to grant permission to the camera. Follow the steps to grant permissions. You will now see Google Maps in a circular section at the bottom of the screen and the real world displayed above . Waypoints and roads will be displayed at the top, and you’ll see big arrows that show you when you need to do something.

And that’s all there is to do. You can use this function to get a better idea of ​​where to go in the real world. Using a digital map while walking can be a bit boring, but Google Maps Live View can help.

Seeing 3D Walking Directions on Google MapsSource: Howtogeek

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