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See this ´picanço´ between the Aventador SVJ and a 911 GT2 RS

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Now, an Aventador SVJ faced a 911 GT2 RS in a 400-meter drag race, and as far as he went in the details you can see in the video below, the Lamborghini produced a difficult victory in the first race from the beginning. Even if the challenge continued, and as it unfolded, and in the end, it just wasn’t enough for Porsche.

Running on a rough and non-compliant surface, Abt, the GT2 RS driver, warmed up his rear tires before the second race to try to find traction early – his initial sprint at 100 km / h in the first race took a sad 3.8 seconds .

The second success produced a very different result, with Porsche finally turning on the tires, producing a convincing victory. After a difficult defeat, the pair ended the video with a race in which Porsche had a narrow, and ´tangent´ victory.

Traction will always be king, and together with his tuning company, Daniel Abt is a professional racing driver who currently competes in the Formula E series. As a connoisseur of fine automotive equipment, his latest video features then, and now, a 400-meter drag race between a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ and the Porsche 911 GT2 RS.

Attentive readers will know that the two vehicles are very close on paper, and they would be right. While the Lambo has a little more power than the Porsche – 770 hp vs 700 hp – and all-wheel drive, the German competitor has precision engineering on its side. In addition to being lighter, the GT2 RS also has a PDK gearbox that travels much faster than the single clutch unit in the Aventador SVJ.

While the GT2 RS tends to have some flaws due to its lack of sound and theater, this video proves that the numbers don’t lie. Even if the Aventador in the video had a Novitec exhaust system, it would be necessary not to mention that its V12 engine would have been victorious even in stock. Anyway, the opportunity to race in these cars in full blast, and on a track, is a victory in itself, and that’s how the Aventador SVJ faced the 911 GT2 RS in the 400-meter drag race.

Source: Engine1

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