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Second Control expansion announced on PlayStation State of Play

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It was announced during the last PlayStation State of Play, on August 6, the launch of the second expansion of Control, by Remedy Entertainment, which will connect the story of Control with that of the title Alan Walke, also from Remedy Entertainment.

The new Control DLC will be called AWE, meaning Alan Walke E – the word behind the unknown syllable – and will probably explain what happened to Remedy Entertainment’s character, Alan Walke.

A new expansion with the connection of the history of two Remedy Entertainment titles has been speculated for some time now, taking advantage of the latest PlayStation State of Play to end speculation.

The new expansion trailer already shows some gameplay moments and some cutscenes, but it still reveals absolutely nothing about the connection between Control and Alan Walke, something that should only be revealed in a few weeks or even only in the expansion campaign itself. .

This new DLC will add to Control some new enemies, environments, puzzles and even new weapon skills. The AWE expansion revolves around the Research Sector, which was isolated from the rest of the building many years before the arrival of Jesse Faden, the protagonist of Control, at the same time. While exploring, players will discover what happened there and how it all connects with Alan Wake.

segunda expansao de control anunciada no playstation state of play 1

For those unfamiliar, Control is a game that tells the story of Jesse Faden who, after going through a traumatic experience during his childhood, received supernatural powers. Jesse is now looking for answers from the Federal Control Department, a clandestine government agency charged with studying and containing supernatural phenomena.

When the Department’s headquarters, called Oldest House, is invaded by a strange force known only as Noise, Jesse becomes the agency’s director. She is haunted by former director Zachariah Trench, who killed himself with his own weapon, and must find his way through the corridors of the Oldest House in order to defeat the Noise and find the answers he is looking for.

segunda expansao de control anunciada no playstation state of play 2

Control’s second expansion appears to be the best ever added to the game, leaving fans very anxious and curious to find out how Alan Wake is connected to Control. The new Control DLC will be released on August 27, available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows PC.

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