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Scientists create mask that detects COVID infection in 90 minutes

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In recent months, the pandemic has advanced at a great pace with the discovery of new variants, but it is now easier to detect, quickly and efficiently, new cases of Covid 19.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University in the United States have created a mask that detects the disease in about 90 minutes. At the moment this mask, which is still in the prototype stage, has sensors that allow the virus to be detected.

According to a research published in an article in the scientific journal Nature Biotechonoloy, those who use the masks can activate the test option, and the result is displayed only inside, thus ensuring privacy. The mask can check the existence of viral particles in the wearer.

Scientists create mask that detects COVID infection in 90 minutes

The technology used had been studied for several years, but scientists, with the onset of the pandemic, adapted it to facilitate the diagnosis of the disease.

According to Peter Nguyen, a researcher at Harvard University, “this test is as sensitive as PCR tests, but it is as fast as the antigen tests that are used to rapidly screen COVID-19”.

In turn, James Collins, professor of medical engineering and science at MIT, announced that he predicts “that this platform could enable biosensors for emergency, medical and military personnel.”

The mask also has a water space that can be released by the user, using a button. Researchers can also switch “to other pathogens, including Influenza, Ebola and Zika, to be able to detect other types of problems”.

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