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Samyang reveals optimized lens for astrophotography

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Samyang today announced the AF 24mm F1.8 FE, a small, lightweight wide-angle lens for Sony E-mount full-frame cameras suitable for astrophotography.

A new member of the Tiny Series, the Samyang 24mm F1.8 FE offers a new function called “Custom Mode” with an LED indicator for photographing celestial bodies. Operable through the newly designed Focus Hold button, this function allows you to change the focus directly to infinity by clicking the button when entering Custom Mode.

Because the factory default values ​​may vary slightly depending on the body of each camera, this is a convenient function for recording and using the precise infinite focus value depending on the specific body of the user’s camera. If the focus value set on the LED indicator does not match, a red LED will be revealed.

If you then click on the Focus Hold button, the focus value will automatically adjust to the saved value, changing the color of the LED to green. In the context of astrophotography, it is an extremely useful function for those who need to spend long periods of time in dark environments.

Samyang reveals optimized lens for astrophotography

Weighing just 230 grams and 71 mm long, in addition to 11 elements in 8 groups, the Samyang 24mm F1.8 FE provides a 9-blade iris, which contributes to a smooth and natural bokeh effect, 58 mm filter thread and a focusing distance close to just 0.19 m. The latest optical technologies from Samyang allow you to achieve incredible resolution from end to end, even at the maximum F1.8 setting for precise focusing and elegantly blurred backgrounds.

The AF 24mm F1.8 FE is also an extremely versatile lens. The wide viewing angle of 83.7º and minimum focusing distance of 0.19 m allows you to capture photos in multiple environments, from indoor to outdoor. Its autofocus is complemented by the latest Stepping Motor, allowing for a quieter and more precise use, in addition to the images defined in photos and videos.

1617981496 638 Samyang reveals optimized lens for astrophotography

The matte finish, with laser engraved font, offers a better reading and the tactile mounting index adds greater convenience of use. The lens also has a five-point seal for protection against dust, light rain and snow, which provides the ability to capture high-quality images in less-than-perfect environments. Finally, the Samyang AF 24mm F1.8 FE has a customizable switch with the feature of which it is possible to select various functions such as Aperture Control Mode or MF Mode. Other functions will be added through firmware updates in the future.

Availability and price

The Samyang AF 24mm F1.8 FE will be available on the Portuguese market in May through Robisa for a price of € 479.

1617981497 244 Samyang reveals optimized lens for astrophotography

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