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Samsung’s new tablet is on its way

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We can find in the Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7 + the current top of the range from Samsung in terms of tablets. It is a consensus opinion that both models have behaved quite well before their great rival iPad Pro.

Recently it appeared for brief moments in the site from Samsung Ireland some information about the successor to the S7 range. So it was possible to view the Tab S8. Once again, there may be two, Tab S8 and Tab S8 +. But things may not be that simple in a category where Apple has dominated and Samsung has been the brand that has done the most to counter the trend.

The Tab S7 and Tab S7 + models emerged in 2020 as successors to the Galaxy Tab S6 version launched in 2019, which emerged in the logical sequence of the 2018 Tab S4 flagship and the more economical Tab S5e model. Thus, the Galaxy Tab S8 model now appears quite naturally following the launches made by the South Korean company.

Samsungs new tablet is on its way

As far as it was possible to ascertain, at least one designation can now be confirmed. This is how the Galaxy Tab S8 Enterprise Edition can appear, as we can see in the table below. This model can support MicroSD cards up to 1TB of storage space.

It is clear that if there is a model for productivity like the Tab S8 Enterprise Edition, it is natural that we deduce that the most common variant may be the Tab S8 +, although no information has emerged regarding it.

Thus, and given the exponential growth at a global level in 2020 of the consumption of this type of products, it will not be very logical for a company to reduce the number of devices to be launched in 2021. Therefore, we may witness the launch of several models over the course of the year. current year by the largest manufacturer of smartphones and second largest in terms of tablets.

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Source: Phone Arena

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