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Samsung will not abandon Tizen in favor of Android TV

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The company’s collaboration with ´Wear OS´ came to generate speculation about the future of the operating system of its TVs. “Tizen will still be the standard platform for our smart TVs in the future,” said Samsung.

Tizen is an open source operating system based on the Linux Kernel being developed by the Linux Foundation in partnership with Samsung, Panasonic and Intel to work on smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, netbooks, vehicles and all other types of systems.

For the creation of applications, Tizen facilitates the development of native applications, without neglecting the flexibility of using HTML 5. Its APIs have the potential to include several platforms, such as communication, multimedia, camera, network and social media, and is currently being used in smartwatches, such as the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2, for example.

Samsung will not abandon Tizen in favor of Android TV

Now, it is known that Google surprised Wear OS fans, already this week, when it announced that it was working on an updated version of the operating system with the help of Samsung. As part of the partnership, Samsung’s future wearables will ship with this new software instead of Tizen, its existing smartwatch operating system.

The announcement sparked some speculation that the company may also eliminate Tizen in favor of Android TV. So far, no surprise, as Samsung has no drastic changes planned. The company is one of the largest and most successful manufacturers on the market, and the TV market is very different from the wearables market.

For application developers and ISVs, Tizen offers the power to develop native applications with the flexibility of unparalleled html5 support.

Tizen also offers the potential for application developers to extend their reach to new “smart devices” that run Tizen, including wearables, consumer electronics (TVs, game consoles, DVRs, etc.), cars and appliances. Size, display quality and, above all, price, play the most significant role in these purchases.

Source: Engadget

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