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Samsung will launch QD-LED TVs next year

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As LCD production continues, and according to a new report from local media, Samsung Display will continue to manufacture LCD panels for Samsung Electronics beyond the previous deadline, while the consumer area will make a commitment with QD-LED starting next year.

Thus, Samsung Electronics and Samsung Display may have been at odds over the past year regarding the practical uses and benefits of QD-LED for the smart TV segment, but the two companies have already reached an agreement that will benefit both parties .

Samsung Display’s initial plan was to end LCD production before the end of 2020, but the pandemic led to greater demand for TV than anticipated. With Samsung Electronics needing more LCD panels, Samsung Display decided to postpone its plans to end LCD production until March 2021.

Samsung will launch QD LED TVs next year

The new report now states that Samsung Display has again delayed its plans to cease LCD production by the end of 2021, except this time that the company will work more closely with Samsung Electronics to prepare for the next generation of panels. QD-LED.

The biggest reason why the consumer area was reluctant to adopt the QD LED for their televisions was a low performance. Samsung is the largest manufacturer in the TV category in the world and the display arm is simply not prepared to produce as many QD-LED panels as Samsung Electronics needs.

But now that Samsung Display will continue to supply Samsung Electronics with LCD panels throughout the year, the company will use this time to prepare its QD-LED production lines for greater capacity. Samsung Electronics will then prepare to adopt the new technology, and launch its first QD-LED-based smart TV in early 2022, according to local media.

Source: Sammobile

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