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Samsung will bet on the automotive business with Tesla

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Samsung is one of the main smartphone manufacturers, and also in the area of ​​cameras has stood out, with excellent innovations. But the leap could be greater, now with an eye on the automotive sector, namely in conjunction with Tesla, according to the most recent information.

Reports from Korea claim that Samsung has signed an outstanding $436 million deal to supply cameras for an automobile unveiled in November 2019 from the “No. 1 American manufacturer of electric cars.” Now, with these data, it is impossible not to associate that this business is related to the cameras for the Tesla Cybertruck pickup.

The Korea Economic Daily reports, “Samsung Electro-Mechanics is known for winning a $435.7 million deal to supply camera modules to the largest US EV manufacturer. The company plans to launch a new EV, which gives drivers a rear view through a camera fitted in the car, as the model does not have side mirrors. The EV has more than eight chambers for autonomous driving purposes. ”

Samsung will bet on the automotive business with Tesla

“The biggest EV maker in the US” would be Tesla, and another Korean publication noted that this is a new electric vehicle launched in November 2019, which can only be the Tesla Cybertruck.

As the Korea Economic Daily mentioned, Cybertruck is equipped with a wide array of cameras. It even has cameras instead of side mirrors, which is not yet allowed in the United States, but there have been efforts to change the legislation accordingly, and Tesla hopes that will happen before Cybertruck hits the market.

The electric pickup has cameras on the fenders that go to the cabin instead of the side mirrors as you can see in the images:

The electric pcikup is also equipped with front and rear cameras for Tesla’s auto-steer sensor array. Tesla Cybertruck is even equipped with a camera under the front bumper, as it can be used off-road, as the car with its height is perfectly compatible with this activity.

Tesla intended to launch Cybertruck on the market by the end of the year, but that shouldn’t happen and even Elon Musk did not rule out that it could only happen in 2022.

Source: Samsung, Korea Economic Daily,

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