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Samsung uses drones to deliver to Ireland

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The manufacturer Sul Corena Samsung is using drones to deliver its products to customers in Ireland. Unfortunately, at the moment it is still restricted to just one location.

Some of the Irish users are starting to receive their orders placed at Samsung not through carriers or local mail, but via drones and with tremendous efficiency and speed.

To make this possible, an agreement was made between Samsung and the company Manna Drone Delivery, so that Irish citizens can receive orders via drone. Thus, and for all those who place orders for the current Samsung range tops such as the Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy Buds Pro, Galaxy Tab S7, Galaxy Watch3 and Galaxy A, they will be covered by this new strategy from the manufacturer.

For this, interested parties will have to place orders through the site Irish from Samsung, although the service for now is only working in the locality of Oranmore.

Samsung uses drones to deliver to Ireland

The company Manna uses a customized airspace grid where it can fly at an altitude between 164 and 262 feet and with a maximum speed of 60 km / h. The company says it is fast enough for a drone to reach customers in Oranmore in three minutes after leaving the distribution center.

Manna has also been working in partnership with Tesco and other local companies to deliver small grocery items, books and even medicines to residents of that location. So it is exactly that type of experience that the company Manna together with Samsung, is starting to implement also for the customers of the latter.

Despite being restricted to one location so far, the company has already stated that its main objective is to expand this type of service throughout the country.

Source: Engadget

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