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Samsung smartwatches have Walkie Talkie feature

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Samsung released Application The new Walkie Talkie for its Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic smartwatches, which allows watch owners to have “push-to-talk” conversations with each other using the wearable.

The app is available via the Google Play Store, and Galaxy Watch 4 series owners can use it to talk to each other. And you cannot use the previous hours from the company.

Ahead of the official announcement of Wear OS 3 for Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 series, the South Korean giant was rumored to be working on a Walkie Talkie wireless feature.

Reports of the development of such an app appeared in May, before the official announcement of the watches.

The Walkie Talkie feature has been on Apple smartwatches since 2018 with WatchOS 5. But you need to link it to someone else’s smartwatch with a PIN code.

Whereas Apple’s Walkie Talkie feature allows two people to communicate simultaneously. Samsung supports two or more users by setting up a Walkie Talkie channel to chat with.

The Korean company recommends running the Walkie Talkie app for the first time while the watch is connected to your phone. And that’s even though it can work independently of your phone.

All you have to do is link it to a nearby friend’s smartwatch. You can then hold down the microphone button to transmit your voice.

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Samsung smartwatches have Walkie Talkie feature

The Galaxy Watch 4 series comes with Samsung’s One UI Watch user interface as well as Wear OS 3 designed in partnership with Google.

This is the first time we’ve seen a new version of Wear OS implemented via a smartwatch, albeit with a custom look.

Both smartwatches feature the Exynos W920 chipset manufactured using 5nm technology to improve performance and battery life.

All of Google’s redesigned smartwatch apps are popping up across the Galaxy Watch 4 series as well, and you’re getting all the Samsung apps on top of that.

And the Galaxy Watch 4 series is probably one of the best Wear OS watches to date. Features like these solidify it as a versatile smartwatch for everyone.

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