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Samsung shows what the future of folding equipment is

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The Society for Information Display (SID) will host the Display Week 2021 exhibition this week, where several screen manufacturers will showcase their latest screen technology.

Samsung Display, one of the main manufacturers in this area, announced that it will participate in the exhibition and revealed some crucial information about the state-of-the-art display technology that it will present at the event and that, certainly, will reach technological equipment, in one way or another , in the next times.

In a Japanese publication, via SamMobile, Samsung Display revealed that it will reveal its next generation of OLED technologies during virtual display. These include a foldable OLED panel called S-foldable, a foldable monitor, a rolling OLED display and a camera solution under the screen. Here’s everything we know about these new monitors at the moment:

S-Folding Screen

The S-fold is a new type of OLED panel that can be folded in several ways. Samsung Display claims that users will be able to fold the 7.2-inch panel twice, both inward and outward. As shown in the image below, a device with such a panel will include two double hinges, allowing users to bend in and out.

Samsung shows what the future of folding equipment is

The concept device shown in the image can be used as a smartphone when folded twice and as a tablet when fully rolled out. Samsung will share a video of this device during the exhibition and we are very curious to see how it works.

17-inch foldable

Along with the S-foldable, Samsung will present a 17-inch foldable OLED panel at Display Week 2021. The company claims that this 17-inch screen would serve as a portable monitor when unfolded and as a tablet when folded into a 4: 3, a concept that is also widely talked about, instead of the smartphone to tablet concept.

1621275128 891 Samsung shows what the future of folding equipment is

As you can see in the image above, the 17-inch folding panel looks a lot like the Microsoft Surface Duo with thinner margins and no visible hinge in the middle.

Sliding OLED screen

The Samsung Display will also feature a sliding OLED panel at the exhibition, which can double as the panel we saw on the OPPO X 2021 concept phone last year. According to the company, the screen will retain the shape of a traditional smartphone when closed and will offer a large screen experience when opened.

1621275128 638 Samsung shows what the future of folding equipment is

The Samsung concept image shows a device very similar to that of OPPO, with a panel that expands to the right. Although Samsung has not shared any information about the sliding mechanism at the moment, we will certainly know more about this in the next few days when the exhibition starts.

Camera under the screen

Finally, Samsung will present a camera solution under the panel (UPC) during Display Week 2021. Samsung first introduced this technology earlier this year, when it shared a video preview of a laptop called the Samsung Blade Bezel, presenting the camera solution under the screen.

1621275128 847 Samsung shows what the future of folding equipment is

Samsung will probably present the same product during the exhibition, the image shown is very similar to the product already mentioned. The concept image included in the Samsung ad shows a laptop with thin bezels, with a circle marking the UPC area near the top frame.

In addition, Samsung Display will launch 27 research papers on various topics, from state-of-the-art light-emitting materials to TFT device technology, at Display Week 2021. The company will share videos highlighting all ads on its official YouTube channel during this week, which we will be watching.

Source: SamMobile

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