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Samsung robotic vacuum cleaner detects small things

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Launched Samsung’s Jet Bot AI+ robotic cleaner first announced at CES this year, which it says is the world’s first in its class to have an active holographic type 3D sensor and an AI solution from Intel.

These features seem to give the vacuum cleaner the ability to discern what needs to be sucked. Cable suction remains one of the biggest problems with robotic vacuum cleaners, even with technologies that can detect obstructions.

And based on how Samsung describes its new device, you don’t have to worry about such things with Jet Bot AI+.

The vacuum cleaner’s 3D sensor can scan large areas and detect objects as small as one centimeter.

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Meanwhile, AI-powered object recognition technology can identify appliances and furniture, as well as objects on the floor.

An AI solution can classify electrical cables as hazardous and potentially contaminating. In order to avoid them, for example.

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It also has decision-making abilities that enable it to clean closely, for example, around children’s toys and to keep a safe distance from breakable items such as vases.

Furthermore, the machine has a LiDAR sensor that scans the room frequently, allowing it to work even in low-light spaces and under furniture.

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Samsung robotic vacuum cleaner

Samsung says: The vacuum cleaner can identify the surface you are cleaning and determine the amount of dust on it to adjust the suction power.

It dumps what it collects into a clean plant, which uses a multi-layer filtration system to trap dirt in a 2.5-liter dust bag that needs to be replaced within one to three months.

Users can control the vacuum cleaner using the SmartThings app via smartphones. It has a mode that uses the front camera to stream video images through the app.

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They can also program the device to clean a single room or several rooms on schedule. In addition to the possibility of preventing it from entering certain areas without the need to create a physical barrier.

Samsung now makes the vacuum available for pre-order for $1,299 from its website if you’re in the US and Canada.

The listing says you can have it by August 12th. People living in Latin America, Southeast Asia and the CIS regions can purchase the broom sometime in the second half of 2021.

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