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Samsung ignores its latest tablets

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When Samsung started implementing its new policy, it promised more regular updates to its phones, and many probably hoped that this policy would apply to all devices equally.

Not all Samsung devices are created equal, and even some older flagship phones don’t get the same treatment.

However, it is strange that the new device that is almost top notch does not get the same feature as the slightly older products at the same level.

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Samsung has put Galaxy Tab S7 FE owners in a surprising situation after its recent changes to Software update schedules Her own.

Samsung has three levels of updates that represent the frequency of those updates. The higher level gets monthly updates and devices then move to quarterly and then semi-annual updates before they stop being supported permanently.

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Premium flagships, whether phones or tablets, naturally start from the top level. But some of the newer phones, especially the mid-range, start at the quarterly level from the start.

Samsung has updated this list to add new devices and move older devices to the bottom. But Location 9to5Google noticed something somewhat unexpected.

Android updates from Samsung:

The new Galaxy Tab A7 Lite announced earlier this month has been added to the list of devices receiving quarterly updates, which is normal considering that the tablet is a rather low-end.

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However, the Galaxy Tab S7 FE that was launched with it was also at the same level quarterly.

And the 12.4-inch tablet might not be as high-end as the name itself. But it does include features found in the flagship class of more expensive Samsung tablets.

This includes a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels and support for the S Pen as well as a Book Cover keyboard.

The computer, like the Fan Edition phones, was expected to receive monthly updates at the beginning of its market life.

Samsung is by far the best in Android when it comes to long-term updates for devices of all classes, which is a challenge for Google.

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