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Samsung gives a new interface to the smart home App, SmartThings

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Samsung has updated the UI of its smart home app, SmartThings, replacing the old app’s muted color scheme – full of grayscale and earthy – with a new UI and an overall fresher look.

The new interface is launched on Android with the iOS version “to follow” in an uncertain future, according to Samsung.

While the old app’s interface was oriented towards the different rooms that users assigned to their smart home gadget, the new layout now focuses on five areas:

  • Favorites – a new home screen, with quick access to the devices and scenes most used by users (scheduled routines, such as in the morning or leaving home).
  • Devices – for a complete list of all connected smart devices.
  • life – to access additional Samsung services such as SmartThings Cooking (which should help you organize shopping lists and recipes into a cohesive life plan).
  • Automations – to create and organize Samsung if-this-then-that automations, such as activation lights based on motion sensors and so on.
  • Menu – for everything else, including notifications, settings and device history.

Samsung gives a new interface to the smart home App

That’s all the info and screenshots you have so far from the new SmartThings app, but it seems like a coherent enough update. However, you have to see how it works personally to get a better idea.

It’s nice to know that Samsung is paying some attention to SmartThings for the first time, but updating the app is the least the company can do. It has stopped manufacturing original hardware for its smart home platform and is outsourcing the work to others to make the devices “SmartThings Compatible”.

The company says it is associated with Matter, the new smart home alliance that includes Google, Amazon and Apple among its members, but no specific details have yet to be gleaned on how this will affect current SmartThings owners.

The SmartThings app is also available for download for Windows PCs, although the app doesn’t appear to be getting an update along with the Android and iOS versions.

Source: Samsung

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Do you want to know other news? See below for our Suggestions

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