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Samsung Galaxy S22 AMD Graphics Could Beat iPhone

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AMD’s involvement could push the next Exynos chip up to Apple’s performance levels, leaving Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips for ‘performance’ graphics behind. Remember, however, that this speculation is based on supposed benchmarks ‘leaks’, but the actual functioning of the ‘real life’ chip operation remains to be seen, and to be confirmed. The ‘leaker’ Ice Universe has posted alleged ‘Wild Life’ test results on Twitter.

The graphical benchmark results showed a score of 8,134 points with an average FPS of 50.3. As far as an Android phone is concerned, this is actually impressive.

Samsung and AMD seem to be coming up with something good for the next Exynos ´mobile system-on-chip´, and if benchmarks are published, they should be believed. There are also rumors that Samsung will be testing some different configurations of the Exynos, and we could see the fruits of that work soon with the Galaxy S22.

AMD is well known in the PC market as a rival to CPU giant Intel and graphics monstrosity Nvidia. The company has had a major turnaround in the past five years and is the driving force behind what fuels the Xbox Series X and PS5.

Samsung Galaxy S22 AMD Graphics Could Beat iPhoneThat’s how AMD has now teamed up with Samsung to create a mobile GPU powerhouse. Remember that this benchmark doesn’t just come from a leak, but also from a single score. Ice Universe still states that other results varied, meaning this number will not be definitive.

Another thing the Ice Universe notes is that the chip that generated these results was based on a Cortex A77 architecture. This could mean that Samsung was just testing GPU performance without worrying about CPU performance. It is possible that the chip used in this leaked benchmark will never see the light of day.

So what does this score mean? For reference, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the current king of smartphone performance, scored 6,618 using the Wild Life test. This phone averaged 39 frames per second. And the most powerful Android phone to date, the OnePlus 9 Pro, scored 5,756 with an average of 34.47 fps. As we can see, this Exynos GPU could thus upset the current balance. The iPhone 13 with its A15 Bionic chip will be released soon, before a chip with this new AMD GPU. Even so, the difference between the scores we have for the A14 and what’s here now on this leak is stark.

On Twitter, Tron mentioned four Exynos variants in testing. Two of them use the Cortex X1 core, one uses the new Cortex X2 and the last uses the tried and tested Cortext A78 core. The X2 was recently announced by ARM with the Armv9 architecture, and
promises a modest increase in performance over the Cortex X1. There’s a lot of talk about the chip in these reports, but the gist is that one of Samsung’s Exynos variants supposedly uses a Cortex X2 for heavy lifting (like gaming), and has three other big cores and four small ones, much like other computer systems. ARM chips.

It is speculated that one of these Exynos test samples could end up as the new mid-range chip, possibly replacing the Exynos 1080. Additionally, AMD is stepping in to provide the GPU capabilities for the next Exynos. Two of the prototypes feature an mRDNA GPU with four compute units. Considering the success of AMD’s RDNA architecture in desktop and console use cases, the mobile version promises a lot. One of the other variants has a GPU with two compute units and the final test example features a compute unit.

While all of this is still speculation and insider information, it’s still exciting for future phone developments. Historically, Exynos chips have lagged behind Snapdragon’s offerings and have never come close to what Apple’s silicon can do. It’s possible that whatever configuration Samsung chooses – which we think will be the Exynos 2200, says the author of the article – will power at least some of the Galaxy S22 models. This could mean that Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S phones will be mobile gaming powerhouses.

Source: Tomsguide

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