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Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra: First impressions

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Samsung has just announced its new range of top-of-the-range smartphones, the Galaxy S21, which, in fact, confirms that most of the rumors of recent times were correct, both in terms of specifications and, particularly, in design, this being last one of the big changes and that, I really appreciate.

I have always been critical of the thicknesses that smartphones have been having in the cameras of the equipment, although we also know that it is not possible to “escape” the size of the photographic sensors now. However, most brands end up placing a monstrous camera module in the rear area of ​​the equipment, making it an area that comes out of the smartphone and makes the equipment look a little strange in terms of design.

Fortunately, Samsung decided to innovate in this area and, to start, very well. No, there was still the grandiose thickness that high-end smartphones (with a clear emphasis on the Ultra version of the Galaxy S and Note range), but without a doubt that the integration of it with the equipment design is very well done.

Samsung Galaxy S21 S21 and S21 Ultra First impressions


There is little doubt that it is in terms of design that we see the main change in smartphones and with positive points for the South Korean manufacturer. As I mentioned above, the thickness of the cameras has always been one of the major criticisms I make of top smartphones, since if the smartphone itself has an acceptable thickness, the same has not happened with the camera module.

Looking at the predecessor, namely the Galaxy S20 ultra, the thickness is huge and despite even having a cover, not all of them can protect the cameras. As the smartphone I use on a daily basis, the cover I use does not protect the camera and when I place the equipment on it, I hear that the camera module touches the base, which can damage the equipment.

Now, although Samsung changed the design of this equipment, the thickness decreased very little, however, the manufacturer worked this area very well and joined the side of the equipment to the camera module, which gives a more homogeneous touch to the smartphone and, in my opinion, it raises the level of equipment design.

Another positive aspect is that the rear area is no longer glass, it looks more plastic, which is considered a worse quality aspect, however this new format allows the smartphone to stop “grabbing” the fingerprints and keep a clean aspect, which it didn’t happen with the predecessors, that the glass, however “anti-fingerprint” that was placed, ended up always getting dirty.

So, in this area there is that positive aspect, although the negative part is the plastic used, but despite being plastic, there is no doubt that its quality and touch offer a very premium aspect and, without a doubt, much prefer this aspect, than glass.

One aspect that many will consider negative and the non-inclusion of a charger, following a market trend initiated by Apple with the iPhone 12.

Specifications Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

1610640933 787 Samsung Galaxy S21 S21 and S21 Ultra First impressions

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the new flagship of the South Korean manufacturer and will undoubtedly offer the best money can buy in the smartphone area (at least for now). The Equipment has a 6.8-inch OLED screen with WQHD + resolution, the main highlight of which is the Dynamic AMOLED 2X, which allows the smartphone to use Hz on the screen in a more optimized way, similar to what we already found on the Galaxy note 20.

In this equipment, this optimization occurs between 11Hz and 120Hz, which we hope will guarantee a better optimization of the equipment and, also, a better battery life. In terms of processor, we have the new Exynos 2100 just announced at CES 21 by Samsung, being the first processor from the manufacturer with the 5nm process.

Moving on to memory, we have the option of 12GB or 16GB of RAM, and in terms of storage we have three options, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB, and the best model will also be on sale in Portugal. In terms of battery, we have 5000 mAh and one of the big news is the introduction of compatibility with the S Pen, the Samsung Stylus.

1610640934 998 Samsung Galaxy S21 S21 and S21 Ultra First impressions

In this case, Samsung wants to offer a more professional aspect to this top-of-the-range smartphone, as there is no compartment in the equipment to store the pen, but it will be sold together with a cover for the Galaxy S21 Ultra and that will allow you to store the S Pen safely. This bundle will have a price that will be around 40 €.

In terms of cameras, the smartphone has four rear sensors, a Wide 108MP, Ultra Wide 12, Telephoto 10 and Telephoto 10MP, and will continue to allow a zoom up to 100x, and an optical zoom up to 10x. In terms of the front camera, we have a 40MP sensor located in a hole at the top and centered on the screen.

Pricing and availability

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will start at € 1279 for 12 / 128GB, while the 16 / 512GB version will cost € 1469, with Samsung lowering the price of the equipment. In terms of colors, it will be available in Silver and Black.

The pre-sales start is still today, January 14, and the smartphone hits the market on January 29. In terms of pre-sales, Galaxy Ultra will include a Galaxy Buds Pro, which were also presented at this event, and a SmartTag, another novelty of this event.

Samsung Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 +

The other two devices share most of the configurations, the only difference being the size of the screen, the Galaxy S21 Plus is the intermediate device in this range that has a 6.7-inch AMOLED screen with FullHD + resolution, while the Galaxy S21 “Normal” has a 6.2 inch FullHD + screen, and the same Dynamic AMOLED 2X. In terms of processor, we have the same Exynos 2100 with the 5nm process, on both devices

1610640934 454 Samsung Galaxy S21 S21 and S21 Ultra First impressions

As for memory, we have 8GB of RAM and two storage options, 128GB and 256GB. The battery of the Galaxy S21 Plus is 4800 mAh, while the Galaxy S21 is 4000 mAh and in both models we have wireless charging and 25W wired charging.

In terms of cameras, we have three rear sensors, a 12MP Wide, 12MP Wide and 64MP Telephoto, while the front camera has 10MP.

Pricing and availability

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus is priced at € 1079, while the Galaxy S21 starts at € 879. Both devices start pre-sales today, but the offers are different.

The Galaxy S21 Plus comes with the S21 Ultra, with the Galaxy Buds Pro offer and a smartTag, but the “normal” Galaxy S21 has the offer of a Galaxy Buds Live and a SmartTag.

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