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Samsung bets on Galaxy Book Pro AMOLED laptops superfine and light

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Samsung’s bet is also on the software, also bringing the updated version of its ´Notes´ application to the Book Pro series, so that we can use new features such as PDF annotations and voice recordings on the laptop. The Book Pro 360 comes with an updated S Pen, which now also has a thicker, more comfortable grip.

The new S Pen is magnetic and can be attached to the Book Pro, which does not have a box for it. Samsung’s renewed efforts in the design of laptops appear to be “paying off”.

The company has been able to differentiate its PCs, focusing on its strengths, such as large monitors and the S Pen, while getting the basics right such as powerful performance, long-lasting batteries and stylish designs.

But most people may not immediately think of Samsung when buying a laptop, which may be why the brand is organizing an entire event dedicated to the launch of its latest notebooks.

Samsung bets on Galaxy Book Pro AMOLED laptops superfine and

“At a time when communication between people and convenience is of the utmost importance, Samsung strives to offer its customers an innovative device that combines the latest levels of portability and power, all day, every day.” says Dr. TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics. “The Galaxy Book is a portable device that offers users premium design, connectivity and powerful performance at an affordable price.”

Monitors are the main highlight of Samsung’s new Galaxy Book Pro series, which consists of a pair of laptops of two sizes each. All four devices feature the company’s AMOLED panels (the Pro 360s use Super AMOLED touchscreens) with Full HD and after having seen them in person at a recent (socially distant) practical meeting in New York, I can say that they are certainly rich and colorful.

The 4K UHD videos observed were vivid and smooth, although the panels looked dark in direct sunlight, even at maximum brightness. But not everyone wants their screens to be saturated and warm, especially if we are a photo editor whose priority is color accuracy. To accommodate these users, Samsung created different color profiles in the Book Pros: Vivid, Natural, Photo Editing and Movie.

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And for these cases there is a change to the native color spectra AMOLED, sRGB, Adobe RGB and DCI-P3, respectively. We can choose what we want or set it to Auto to let Samsung’s “smart color engine” make the switch based on the choice. Those who prefer a QLED laptop can still opt for the Book Flex series, and which Moten said Samsung will continue to sell.

If the thought of a super thin and light PC with an AMOLED screen won you over, the price starts at $ 999 and $ 1,199 respectively, however unfortunately it will not be available in Portugal.

Source: Engadget

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