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Samsung also have the Galaxy on sale at LG stores alongside Apple

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What could Samsung want from LG? The two used to be fierce competitors in the smartphone market, but now they’re in opposite areas. Samsung is one of the largest smartphone providers in the world, and LG ends up admitting defeat in this market segment, announcing the exit of the mobile market and ends with this department.

As we’ve already talked about, LG has many stores in South Korea where it sold its equipment and as it came out of smartphones, it entered into negotiations with Apple to sell iPhones, iPads and other devices in its stores. However, who didn’t like it was Samsung, which is the leader in its home country and is not happy that the other big manufacturer is thinking about selling iPhones in its stores, as it is negotiating the sale of its smartphones also in the your stores.

Reports have suggested that LG will sell Apple products including iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch at its 400 LG Best Shops in South Korea starting Aug. 1, however, in addition to Samsung’s dislike of the idea, it requested to the main Korean operators to also oppose LG’s decision and pressurize the company to give up on the idea, also asking LG to sell the Galaxy.

Samsung also have the Galaxy on sale at LG stores

In this way, Samsung wants to protect its share of the 5G smartphone market. It could be under threat if Apple’s 5G iPhones are sold through a large chain of stores like LG is able to offer.

Sources at the South Korean telecommunications company say it is unusual for Samsung to make such a request. This is due to the relationship between Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics. They’ve been rivals for a long time, and Samsung beat LG in the smartphone market. However, with the threat from Apple now approaching, Samsung wants LG to consider its request.

These sources believe it is unlikely that LG Electronics will consider this request, even if it is made by major operators. There is also opposition from the National Mobile Telecommunications Distribution Association. She is concerned that small and medium distribution networks are seeing a decline in sales as a result.

Samsung may also see opposition to this cooperation with LG from within the company, as it will be normal for several company officials not to appreciate the decision to sell products from an Apple device to the detriment of a Korean device. There is little to know more developments on this subject.

Source: GSMArena

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