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Safer Internet Day 2021: even children can surf safely with devolo

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February 9, 2021 is Safer Internet Day. This day will highlight the dangers that are lurking on the Internet, especially for the youngest. Children and adults alike must recognize risks online and know what tips and tools make accessing the Internet as safe as possible.

Cybermobbing is on the rise

Children are coming into contact with the Internet and online communication at an increasingly younger age, for example in the form of games, video platforms or chat software. In our increasingly digital society, these first steps combined with educational supervision represent a very valuable learning experience. However, they also include a large number of hazards.

One of these dangers is the so-called “cybermobbing”, something that many students are currently victims of. Examples of cybermobbing include harassment, coercion and defamation in digital spaces. But it is far from the only risk on the Internet: in the worst cases, the Internet also contains dangers such as theft of personal data and digital identities.

Even so, these risks should never forget the positive aspects of the Internet. After all, an online presence allows children to keep in touch with friends, conduct research in the study and prepare for their future lives. Therefore, dealing carefully with this medium and the respective security mechanisms is essential.

Safer Internet Day 2021 even children can surf safely with

Use the Internet safely

The most important tips for using the Internet on a daily basis are related to risk awareness. Parents should know what content their children are consuming and actively talk to them about this content and the environment in general. The following aspects must be explained in this context:

  • Any photos or other information posted online may fall into the hands of others
  • When online, people can pretend to be someone else entirely
  • Malicious content can be hidden behind seemingly harmless links

Obviously, it is extremely important for parents themselves to keep up to date and to always talk to their children as equals. Curiosity must be treated as seriously as anxieties and problems. This is because a strong foundation of trust is very important, especially when it comes to potentially difficult subjects like cybermobbing.

Safer Internet with devolo

Hardware and software with reliable security mechanisms are just as important. Devolo’s German network specialists offer top protection features such as AES-128 encryption and the ability to limit Internet usage time in their Magic powerline adapter series.

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Fixed periods of time can be defined through easy and intuitive management, and the use of the Internet can be limited to certain times. Children can thus gradually learn how to deal with the online world. The best way to do this is side by side with your parents.

This works well with devolo’s Magic adapters, as they can turn any electrical outlet into a high-speed Internet access point – whether wireless or with a cable connection. Modern Wi-Fi mesh functions make online connections extremely stable and reliable. The reason: adapters automatically control data distribution and ensure that terminals always communicate with the best possible access point. Support for the Wi-Fi Alliance’s WPA3 security standard also ensures extremely secure connections and protects your data.

Prices and availability

The Magic 2 WiFi next model is recommended for its strong combination of powerline and Wi-Fi mesh. In addition to two gigabit LAN ports, these adapters offer extremely stable Wi-Fi with multi-user MIMO technology for simultaneous support of multiple devices.

The Magic 2 WiFi next is available as a starter kit with two adapters for 199.90 euros, as a multi-room kit with three adapters for 299.90 euros, or individually for 129.90 euros. Another first-class combined solution is the Magic 1 WiFi which is ideal for entertainment purposes with Wi-Fi speeds up to 1,200 Mbps. Its individual price is 99.90 euros, in a starter kit with two adapters it is 149.90 euros and in a multi-room kit with three adapters it is 239.90 euros.

Even greater mesh convenience is offered by the specially optimized Mesh WiFi 2 kits that bring top home networking to all homes and are particularly suited, through MU-MIMO technology, to provide seamless Wi-Fi coverage to multiple terminals. Mesh WiFi 2 is available as a starter kit with two adapters for 249.90 euros. The Mesh WiFi 2 Multiroom Kit is recommended to cover larger areas, containing three adapters for 369.90 euros.

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