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Rumors point to surprising color for the new iPhone 13

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Apple’s next big event, WWDC 2021, is less than a week away and although we don’t expect to see the iPhone 13 – or the iPhone 12S? – early in the year (release date rumors say September, as usual), we’re hoping to see iOS 15. That means we’ll get some hints about the new iPhone 13 features in advance, many of which we’ll certainly see as well. on iPhone 12 via an update.

But with just a few months to go before the next likely iPhone 13 event, rumors are flying. Apple’s next high-end could be priced even lower than the iPhone 12, a thinner notch and a sturdier camera. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, we should expect four models again this year: the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max – as well as the iPhone 12 lineup.

The truth is that it’s not until September that we should know everything about the new iPhone 13, so until then it leaves us a few more months of speculation before Apple reveals its next high-end.

Battery: A higher capacity doesn’t mean the iPhone 13 will have a longer battery life

A rumor by Chinese social media platform Weibo in early June suggested that the iPhone 13 line will have larger batteries than the iPhone 12 line. The specs, shared on Twitter by leaker @L0vetodream, claim a 2.406mAh battery for the iPhone 13 Mini, going from 3.095mAh for iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, and 4.325mAh for iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Rumors point to surprising color for the new iPhone 13

These battery sizes are all updates to the respective capabilities of the iPhone 12 (although Apple doesn’t release the official battery specs). However, battery life doesn’t equal battery capacity, so it’s possible that the iPhone 13’s increased battery size doesn’t translate into longer battery life.

It all depends on other phone updates and how well your software is optimized for battery life. But compared to premium phones from other brands, Apple’s batteries fall short. Samsung’s Galaxy S21 line batteries, for example, range from 4,000 to 5,000 mAh.

Release date: iPhone 13 due mid-September

So far, there is no official or unofficial word on when we can expect Apple’s next iPhone. An April report suggested that making the new iPhone chips was working ahead of schedule, putting the iPhone 13’s release date back on Apple’s pre-pandemic timeline. We can usually predict with some degree of accuracy when Apple’s iPhone events will occur and extrapolate a release date based on that.

But 2020 was a different story — it was Apple’s first September event in eight years without an iPhone — thanks to production delays due to the coronavirus pandemic. This year, however, Kuo is also predicting business as usual for Apple’s supply chain. If that’s the case, we can expect to see the iPhone 13 unveiled at an event in September.

Pink could be the new color of the iPhone 13

1622843593 280 Rumors point to surprising color for the new iPhone 13

Okay. It’s true that it’s a color for a very specific market segment, but it’s nothing new, as it once was. However, the rumors point to a strong pink, which then makes it a surprising decision, and no doubt a risky one.

However, we cannot say that Apple people are crazy. Is that in the new iMacs, variety of colors was not lacking. Yes, this color is very strong and very pink, but there are customers for everything and we believe that, even so, it should be surprisingly well sold.

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Want to know other news? See below for our Suggestions

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