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Roborock S7: Top cleaning robot is on sale for 495 €

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Are you looking for a stand-alone vacuum cleaner for your home? The Roborock S7 is available from Geekbuying at an attractive price. At a time when the deflation starts in Portugal and in a few other countries, people look for the outdoors to rest their bodies and minds – from the stress of staying at home sheltered -, with these movements, dust and dust also increases. the accumulated garbage. After all, who wants to clean up after spending more than two months at home?

Taking advantage of the getaways to the parks and gardens can be the motto to acquire a vacuum cleaner of these that can do the job almost alone and go cleaning the house while you are away relaxing. Cleaning and vacuuming the floor will no longer be a problem with the new Roborock S7, which thanks to its cleaning features with vaporized water and moppa filters.

Before the promotion, the vacuum cleaner has a cost of € 546.84, however, when using the discount coupon ROBOROS7 manages to reduce its price even further and obtain this Roborock S7 for 495 € – an incredible price that will allow you to take advantage of all the features brought by the S7 compared to previous Roborock generations.

<<< Get the Roborock S7 Robot for 495 € with the ROBOROS7 coupon >>>

Roborock S7 Top cleaning robot is on sale for 495

Roborock S7 Robot

This device hosts some of the best location and cleaning systems, especially compared to its predecessors. The mapping of your home for cleaning purposes is ensured thanks to the LiDAR system that creates a detailed map of your home, identifying the various spaces of your home on up to four levels. For this, the equipment has HyperForce systems and floating brushes so that the vacuum cleaner is as close to the floor as possible, so that nothing escapes it.

Thanks to a 5,200 mAh battery, the Roborock S7 achieves an autonomy of up to 3 hours on a single charge. The HyperForce suction system of the brand has the capacity of 2500 Pa of power to suck up that finer dust that is “stuck” to all surfaces of your home. In addition, it has a 300 ml water tank that ensures cleaning up to 200 square meters in one session – which should be more than enough for most people, right?

1618834547 690 Roborock S7 Top cleaning robot is on sale for 495

<<< Get the Roborock S7 Robot for 495 € with the ROBOROS7 coupon >>>

In order to avoid the problems of the previous generation, the Roborock S7 replaced the previous cleaning methods with a rubber (with fins) in a star shape to more effectively remove the dirt, as well as forward it to the garbage disposal – in this case, 470 ml of storage. To complement and adapt to all types of surfaces, the Roborock S7 Robot also has the famous moppa filter that allows vacuuming (using ultrasound) carpets and rugs – a function that can also be deactivated.

When vibrating 3000 times per minute (in an ultrasonic way), the robot shows an improvement of four times when compared to the Roborock S5. The laborious task of wiping a wet cloth after each cleaning of the vacuum cleaner (to pick up that dry powder) has come to an end. Normally, the vacuum cleaner does the task when it detects the carpet to lift, to avoid overusing the filter, so that, when it is really necessary, it can be used (in the same cleaning session). Take advantage of this time to go for a walk and when you return you will already have your home vacuumed and with that pleasant cleaning smell!

1618834548 661 Roborock S7 Top cleaning robot is on sale for 495

  • Functions: moppa, suction, sweep, sweep with suction and vacuum;
  • Resources: washing with moppa, remote control, schedule, automatic loading;
  • Virtual wall: Yea
  • Floor types: carpet, ceramic tile, marble floor, plush carpet, ceramic floor and wooden floor;
  • Dust tank capacity: 470ml
  • Water tank capacity: 300ml
  • Suction (pa): 2500 Pa
  • Noise (dB): 67
  • Wattage (W): 68W
  • Vacuum cleaner weight: 4.7 kg

<<< Get the Roborock S7 Robot for 495 € with the ROBOROS7 coupon >>>

As you can see, there are only advantages when you buy this new Roborock S7 smart vacuum that allows you to help you with your domestic tasks. And if you can be out of the house, better for your health – with the necessary care, obviously! Sedentary lifestyle should not be part of your routine, as the time we had to stay at home is enough.

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