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RoboCafe in Dubai … an ideal café in light of the pandemic

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Robots have replaced humans in Cafe RoboCafe in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in order to implement the rules of social distancing and reduce human gatherings.

Customers can place their orders using German-made robots, which then prepare them and deliver them directly to their tables.

It’s a good idea, especially for now, ”said Emirati customer (Jamal Ali Hassan), whose hot drink was delivered without spillage.

He added: Depending on the low demand for restaurants, I expect this idea to be popular, as you order online and the robot works in front of you and delivers what you want within minutes.

RoboCafe has been in operation for more than two years, but its launch has been delayed from March 2020 due to the pandemic.

It finally opened in June, when restrictions were eased in the United Arab Emirates.

RoboCafe was created with the support of the Dubai Government’s Artificial Intelligence Initiative, whereby humans only intervene when there is a malfunction or to disinfect surfaces.

And theExecutive Director (Rashid Issa Lootah) said Rashid Essa Lootah: The customer requests the touch screen, and then everything depends on artificial intelligence, and the robot sorts the requests according to the table and places them on the small service robot, and the service robot presents them to the customer.

German-made robots make the drinks, while fully autonomous delivery robots are designed and manufactured in the UAE.

“I’m a bit tech geek, so seeing small robots, like a food delivery robot, and various fittings – is like seeing an assembly line in a car manufacturing plant,” said customer Vincent Marino.

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