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Roblox registered 48 million players a day in August

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Roblox continues to grow visibly after the company went public earlier this year, with its latest monthly report showing an all-time record of 48 million daily active players for the entire month of August. This is a new record breaking what was in effect of 41 million daily active players after the last check-in in May.

Roblox’s latest Key Metrics report also revealed that Roblox’s monthly earnings were between 167 million and 170 million euros, a whopping increase of almost 100% year.

The game, which describes itself as a “platform of human co-experience”, exploded in popularity last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, establishing itself as a popular online hangout for gamers who couldn’t meet in life. real. Since then, the Roblox game has been able to keep all of its steady growth in player numbers and revenue.


The company has used its platform to replace real-life events, hosting huge experiences like last year’s Lil Nas X concert. The company is set to try to replicate that success again this week, when Twenty One Pilots is expected to present a concert and an “experiment” related to the game’s interior.

Roblox continues with great ambitions to continue its growth, as one of the countless companies now determined to transform its platform into a “metaverse”. Other companies that rely on the metaverse concept are Epic Games and Facebook. More recently, Roblox has released a test of an in-game voice chat system that would help Roblox players communicate seamlessly as they would in real life, but also to go beyond the restrictions of the real world.

Source: Techraptor

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