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Roblox..a game, social platform, and party venueمكان

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Roblox is one of the biggest platforms at the moment. This platform brings together a large number of players and game makers at the same time, which made it different from other cooperative and interactive games.

Roblox has been listed on the stock exchange. And it was so successful that it was worth more than EA and Take-Two combined directly at launch, the developers of the GTA and FIFA series of games, respectively.

The platform is used by more than 40 million players daily. There is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has contributed significantly to this huge growth. The number of active players increased by 85 percent in 2020 compared to the previous year 2019.

Roblox is older than you expect

The Roblox platform, which can best be described as a game or an application, has been available since 2006. This means that this platform was launched two years before Apple’s App Store.

Roblox offers a different experience in the gaming world, as it is not a game, nor does it include static games, but rather offers different gaming experiences to its users. But given that the platform is built on experiences that a human can have, it offers more.

The user of the platform can attend parties or visit a redesigned place inside the stage such as the Starcourt Mall from the series Stranger Things.

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Is roblox a social network?

This different platform includes within it different games that the user can play. It also includes different experiences like the above. The platform is described as the place where humans go out and congregate virtually.

Perhaps the largest group of Roblox users are children, and according to a statistic, half of US children under the age of 16 play or have played Roblox.

50% of the total players are under 13, and 30% of the players are over 17. Perhaps those age groups give the impression that Roblox is only a children’s game.

Through Roblox, the player can hold a birthday party, for example, or a private party, by gathering the players’ virtual characters inside the Roblox platform.

The difference between roblox, fortnite and minecraft

Games like Fortnite and Minecraft are known for offering social experiences within them. Fortnite, for example, used to organize parties for famous singers within the game.

But Roblox is different, as it allows for a different experience every time. On the other hand, games offer consistent experiences that stay true to their origin no matter what changes are made to them.

One of the highlights of Roblox was the concert of rapper Lil Nas X, the owner of the famous song Old Town Road. has led Singer for up to 10 minutes inside the game, players were able to come and watch.

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What is the game made of?

The game – or platform – is made up of a bunch of different virtual worlds. Which consists of changing lands, different characters and great freedom to choose every detail of the gameplay.

Basically Roblox is a platform to play, so the user will find dozens of games to start playing. Among the most prominent of them PiggyIt is a horror game from an outsider’s perspective.

There is a huge amount of games inside Roblox. However, these games remain limited to being somewhat mini-games, while providing a complete entertainment experience on the other hand.

Who develops these games?

These games are developed by Roblox users themselves. The platform provides free development tools with explanations Intensive on how to create and design games.

Game developers can make money from it. The platform previously stated that 1,250 developers via the platform have made $10,000 in 2020, and 300 of them have made up to $100,000 in total.

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