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Riot Games announces that it is developing MMORPG game based on League of Legends

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There is excellent news for League of Legends fans, as they no longer have to play the same game indefinitely. It has been officially confirmed that Riot Games is working on a new game based on League of Legends for MMORPG. The information was released via a tweet on social media by Greg Street, VP of Riot.

According to Street, his recent work at the company has been to develop the LoL universe, stating that the new job is to develop a great game that many of the League of Legend fans have been asking for, ending with the information that Riot Games is hiring .

After several tweets, one fan asked Street about what type of game and it confirmed that it will be an MMO, which leads us to believe that it will be a new game based on the history of League of Legends, but with an even bigger and more open world, an MMORPG.

No teaser trailer, no cinematic video, special image or press release, just a tweet without any details.

Despite this, there is no doubt that this announcement is very important for fans of the game, in addition to that LoL is one of the most played online games and with a large amount of fans. For now we don’t know anything and, if the development of the game is still in the beginning, it will certainly not be during 2021 that we will know the game, although we expect to know more details during the next year.

We don’t know anything about Riot’s new game based on the League of Legends story, but we can imagine how interesting the game can be when we take into account one of the main games in the MMORPG segment, World of Warcraft. So think about WoW and start from there to imagine what the new League of Legends game might be like.

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