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Richard Branson Wins Billionaires Race in Space

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As we had already announced the space awaited the visit of billionaires, this much desired trip took place this Sunday with Richard Branson becoming the first billionaire to do so.

Six people, including businessman Richard Branson, made their first trip to space this Sunday aboard the VSS Unity plane, which successfully took off and landed from the SpacePort America base in the United States.

British billionaire Richard Branson completed his undisputed biggest adventure this Sunday with a brief flight to the edge of space aboard his Virgin Galactic space plane.

The flight marks in addition to Branson’s first voyage to space, it also marks the first time Virgin has flown in a full crew cabin.

Richard Branson Wins Billionaires Race in Space

Branson took a ride on Virgin Galactic’s Twins Unity spacecraft, which launched from New Mexico on Sunday, July 11th.

The Unity 22 mission transported the businessman and five other crew members into suborbital space. Branson beat billionaire rival Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and Blue Origin, in space. You can view a little bit of the trip on the channel. YOUTUBE.

After an hour and a half of delay due to weather conditions, the Virgin space plane took off at around 08:40 (15:40 in Lisbon).

From the time the ship left the ground until the moment it landed on it again, the trip took an hour.” It was the fourth manned mission beyond Earth’s atmosphere, but the first with passengers.

“It’s a beautiful day to go into space”, wrote on the social network Twitter Richard Branson, 70 years old, who lived the most daring adventure, the moment was recorded in photographs that he published throughout the day.

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The company has been authorized by the US air safety regulator to take people into space on a short trip, up and down, unlike traditional flights, in which astronauts circle the Earth and float in space for a few days.

The spacecraft traveled more than 50 miles above Earth, something the US government considers to mark the boundary of outer space.

Source: CNET

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