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Review of Xiaomi Mi Band 6: one of the best smartbands on the market

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Xiaomi’s Mi Band 6 activity wristband is the latest update in the range of affordable physical activity trackers. Mi Band has been dominating the cheap tracker space, but with Amazfit, Samsung, Huawei and even Fitbit also lowering the price of their fitness wristbands, Xiaomi has to work harder to stay ahead of the pack. That said, the price of Mi Band 6 started at €50, but in the meantime it has a lower price..

The Mi Band 6 aims to lead the market in these devices, offering a larger screen with a higher resolution, enhancing training modes and improving the movement of blood oxygen measurement.

Design and screen

The Mi Band 6 bracelet looks identical to the Mi Band 5. It has the same curved edge display, the same band style and thickness and in terms of weight it has the same feel as well.

It took a small leap from a 46mm case to 47mm, and is slightly thicker than its predecessor at 12.7mm (previously 12.45mm). However, the difference is imperceptible during use.

Review of Xiaomi Mi Band 6 one of the best

What’s changed is the screen, but again, it’s not that instantly noticeable. Xiaomi maximized the display by going straight to the edge of the case, and it’s 50% larger than the Mi Band 5. It’s a 1.56-inch AMOLED screen, with a resolution of 152 x 486 that reaches 450 nits. The difference in the real world is that colors look more vivid and sharper.

We still have a black frame here, but it’s more evenly distributed across the display to provide a longer screen that can gather more information on a single screen. It is now possible to see two app icons on one display instead of one and can show more detailed weather details.

The construction is still a plastic module that is inside a rubber band, with a charge through proprietary pins, and the design is not excellent, but decent for what you want and its price, being the rubber strap and sweat proof.

Physical activity tracking

Tracking physical activity is quite common on this Xiaomi bracelet, there are many competitors that offer good activity features for the same price.

The way it tracks physical activity and investigates user well-being monitoring hasn’t changed drastically. For monitoring daily activities, Mi Band 6 uses the built-in accelerometer to track daily steps, distance covered and calories burned. There is still no altimeter to measure the elevation or the raised floors.

Review of Xiaomi Mi Band 6 one of the best

Mi Band 6 will also track how many times the user has activated the downtime alerts and this information, along with the 7-day step totals, can be viewed in the Band. In the Mi Fit application, we have an analysis of how these steps were generated, which is a very good thing.

To shift the emphasis from the steps to good heart health, Xiaomi once again includes the FATHER. This is a single score based on time spent in high heart rate zones over the past seven days. If you walk briskly, exercise or run, you’ll earn more points. You need to make sure you have 100 PAI to ensure you have met the WHO uptime guidelines.

The concept is excellent, although, as we said earlier, Xiaomi needs to do a better job of making it motivational. At the moment, it could be a great way to keep you motivated to move more and raise your heart rate regularly.

sleep quality analysis

When bedtime comes, this bracelet will automatically track sleep time and the user is required to use the app to view their statistics. There is currently no way to view these sleep stats on the bracelet itself.

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In the application we have the record of sleep duration, sleep stages, including REM sleep, and even naps.

There is a sleep quality analysis to let the user know if he fell asleep at the right time or if he got enough sleep. There is also a sleep score, which you can compare with other users and see the regularity of your sleep over the last 7 days.

Stress and Meditation

There is a resource for meditation and other health monitoring resources that are important here. There is monitoring of women’s health, some breathing exercises and stress monitoring. On this last point, we have heart rate variability measurements to generate this stress data.

We can take measurements on site or continuously monitor stress. Both measurements are stored in the Mi Fit app, where a color-coded system is used to identify moments of stress and relaxation.


The Mi Band 6 comes with the same 125mAh battery as the Mi Band 5, which Xiaomi says is capable of providing 14 days of battery life. It’s very similar to its predecessor, however it depends entirely on what settings and features you regularly use.

Therefore, having the beautiful and bright screen, enabling continuous heart rate monitoring and advanced sleep tracking features, in addition to monitoring exercise regularly, will degrade battery performance, however, due to the product typology, it will continue to have a battery life of at least a week, which is better than most smartwatches.

1623180407 690 Review of Xiaomi Mi Band 6 one of the best

Verdict: Xiaomi Mi Band 6

The Mi Band 6 activity bracelet has a bigger and better quality screen, but other than that, it looks very familiar. It’s a solid fitness tracker that offers some nice smartwatch-like features.

Xiaomi didn’t bother to make a big upgrade compared to Mi Band 5, which can hurt it because of the competition that has evolved, however there is one aspect that stands out: the screen enlargement. This increase allows you to offer more information on the screen, which is very good, especially if you don’t want to keep checking your smartphone and the Mi Fit app.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is on sale at Xiaomi stores and at Mi Store for €44.99, which is already a good price. However, if you want to take advantage of opportunities and buy cheaper from a reputable store, Amazon has it available for just over €40 from Xiaomi’s official store, so a very interesting savings, or even cheaper.

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Want to know other news? See below for our Suggestions

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