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Review of SuperEQ S1 headphones: Review

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Most of us use headphones for recreational and non-professional purposes, so the SuperEQ S1 is a great choice in terms of quality/price – you can buy them for about 70€ on Amazon, however in the official website has a more interesting price, and it is possible to join the “MORE20” coupon for a 20% discount.

They have some features, but the most important thing about headphones is the sound. We all want headphones with good noise cancellation and a clean, clear sound. In this article we’re going to look at the SuperEQ S1 to see if they’re good acoustically.

Design and operation

The structure of these headphones is relatively simple. The only unpleasant aspect of the SuperEQ S1 is its toy appearance. The design is ergonomically consistent and compact. Most of the material is plastic, but the headphone plates themselves have a nice metallic finish. They come in white, but also in black, and this latest variant gives the headphones a more sophisticated look.


The most important aspect of these headphones is their comfort. The S1 uses viscoelastic foam earplugs made from proteic leather. The size of a teacup, the ear cushions maintain a good grip on the ears for a tight, secure fit that doesn’t sacrifice comfort. The SuperEQ S1 headphones have a free, versatile design and don’t add any unwanted pressure to the ears.

Inside the SuperEQ S1 headphones comes a 40mm dynamic driver system and a built-in microphone for smooth, hands-free phone calls. The driver is a good size, which provides a strong image and some solid bass, and the unique microphone also captures external noise for its ambient and noise canceling modes. The three-button controls on the right earpiece respond instantly and are easy to feel. There’s also a last button to toggle between noise and ambient canceling modes. Simple and consistent.


These headphones support Bluetooth 5.0 for a fast and stable connection with high bandwidth and a range of up to 10 meters. Impressively, the SuperEQ S1 has a multidrop connection that lets you connect two devices at the same time.


The battery is quite robust, lasting 40 to 45 hours of playback, depending on usage modes. Although the battery drops a bit when using ANC, it’s still a considerable lifetime compared to most wireless headphones in this price range. Considering that charging takes just two hours from 0 to 100%, this battery is one of the S1’s strong points.


Noise cancellation

With just one microphone, the noise canceling quality of these headphones is obviously not out of this world, but they do a good job. They can reduce ambient noise by up to 33dB, which is good for normal environments, but if we’re next to something that makes a lot of noise, we’ll be annoyed.

Some noise-canceling headphones tend to squeeze the sound in the middle, confusing the response and making music tracks look bloated. Unfortunately, this is the case with the SuperEQ S1. Sound seems frozen in the middle, with rare elements appearing in left or right space. The stereo field exhibits only minimal space, with a multitude of layers fighting for clarity.

transparency mode

Transparency mode uses built-in microphones to capture the sounds around you and play them along with the music or improve your hearing. It works even when we are listening to music.

The effect is not strong, but it is audible. For those who want to be insulated from traffic noise on a busy street, this is the mode that offers the best results.



While some of the explosive response may win over some, the truth is that for most they veer deep into muddy territory. Certainly this sound makes the first impression, but they lack clarity a lot. However, for the price, the basses are good enough to be acceptable, as their elements get some soft coloring and resonance.

The mids definitely reveal a more V-shaped response, as the high and low mids appear more in front of the signature, while the fundamentals are mostly dropped. V-shape isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and some wireless headphones can make good use of that timbre, but the SuperEQ S1 turns out to be a dull sound. The instruments don’t really get a chance to express themselves coherently, and the vocals can’t explode into the swollen resonance of the low mids.

However, these headphones offer amazing sizzling quality on some tracks. These frequencies never felt bright or very strong. Mostly, they exhibit a smooth tonal elegance that adds value to the S1. The treble is definitely the highlight of these headphones. While male vocals struggle for clarity, certain female voices can sound very sweet.

Overall, for headphones that cost only around 50 euros, we can say that their sound quality is good, although those looking for something more professional will have to spend more money. The SuperEQ S1 are headphones intended for the average user, who only uses headphones for recreational purposes.


Since they only cost €50, these headphones lack a lot of features, which is absolutely normal. We cannot use SuperEQ S1 with PC via USB cable. As for battery charging, we only have the microUSB. The 3.5mm cable also doesn’t have a microphone.


Verdict: SuperEQ S1

From the sound quality just described, you might think that these headphones aren’t worth buying, but with the price of €50 and a generous battery life, we see a lot of utility in the SuperEQ S1. Not every headphone needs to be an audiophile’s paradise, and the SuperEQ offers enough to guarantee your purchase, and don’t forget to add the “MORE20” coupon for 20% off.

Spending more money on better headphones means we get NFC pairing and other sophisticated touch features, but as far as the sound goes, even for the price of the SuperEQ S1 it’s satisfactory for the average user.

The white version is difficult to keep clean, so we recommend that you buy the black ones.

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