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Renault Mégane eVision is called, after all, Mégane e-Tech Electric and already has official images

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O Mégane e-Tech Electric is the new crossover from Renault within the segment C expected to enter the market at the beginning of 2022. Some images were revealed yesterday, as well as the official name of the new model during an event chaired by Luca de Meo, CEO of the Renault Group, and attended by Gilles Vidal, head of the rhombus brand design department.

It should be recalled that the vehicle was initially announced in October 2020 during the event Renault eWays. At that time, the prototype car was named Megane eVision and, according to Luca de Meo, it had a 95% ratio of proximity to the mass production model – the Mégane e-Tech Electric – distinguished by signature e-Tech (subcategory of vehicles with Renault electric technology) widely used by the French brand in the pinnacle of motor sport, F1.

The last month of March brought with it some news, having seen what is believed to have been Renault’s concept model in road tests – usual process for most motor vehicles -, which aroused curiosity in relation to what was presented last year. Everything indicates that the Mégane e-Tech Electric will be produced, together with the new Renault 5, at Douai factory, in France.

According to the images released, it is possible to see both the rear and the interior of the production model – which will have more details even at the end of the year 2021 – where there are some very evident details. First, the subscription (LED) in the trunk interrupted only by the logo of the rhombus, this which is the new emblem of the French Renault and which marks a return to the past in its genesis, but with a good eye on the future.

Evidently, the differences from the prototype model to the final vehicle were expected even because we are talking about a concept – which in today’s eyes it would be almost impossible to introduce competitively in the market – fitting with the current trends of the highest segments. This is part of the mentality to be followed by the group, using, in this case, the typology of segment C with mixtures and aspirations to segment D.

Renault Megane eVision is called after all Megane e Tech Electric

According to what we were able to ascertain and taking out these small changes, the model remains unchanged (maintaining a silhouette similar to the prototype). In turn, for the first time, it is possible to see a very minimalist interior – something like Tesla, for example – using only technology and digital panels, both in the quadrant and in the info-entertainment console.

However, the Renault brand was keen to let um set of physical buttons (something that has been characteristic of the latest models) that can control some features in the car. Also noteworthy is the support you see in the images, where you can place your phone. Complementing the interior aspect, the seats and armrests have a gold stitching, contrasting with the darker colors of the cabin.

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