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December 9, 2019

Redmi 6A Charging Ways – Repair Not Charging Problem

Here is the latest solution for Redmi 6a not charging problem and Redmi 6A charging ways, use below solution to fix charging problem.So, if you are currently having this problem, continue reading to learn the steps to rule out possibilities to discover what the problem with your phone really is.

Many users who have bought the high-end Redmi 5 are facing the problem of Xiaomi Redmi 6A not charging issue. Most of the smartphones are functioning correctly but some of the users complained about the problem of Xiaomi Redmi 5 not charging correctly.

Why a Redmi 6A doesn’t charge

The problem occurs in various degrees. Either your phone won’t charge at all when it is plugged in, or it will only charge very slowly (sometimes barely faster than it is discharging). It’s a very common complaint, so here are a few solutions. Most charging problems are related to your USB cable or charger, or even the port itself.

So if you are experiencing any charging problem or problem connecting your Redmi 5 to your computer via USB cable then it is possible that your Redmi 5 charging connector is faulty. Replacing it with a new one is the only solution here. But if by any chance the USB connector prints are broken then you have to make the jumpers as shown in the diagram below.

Xiaomi Redmi 6A Charging Ways USB Jumper Solution:

Here are Redmi 6A Charging Ways Not Charging problem solutions. Please study these diagrams very carefully before you start repairing them.

Redmi 6A Charging Ways

Redmi 6A Charging Ways

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Redmi 6A Not Charging Problem Solution

Redmi 6A Not Charging Problem Solution

Check Charging connector for any kind of water damage, if it is then clean it and check.

Now re-solder charging connector pins and check.

Check to charge voltage with the help of a multimeter. Place the Negative terminal of the multimeter on the ground and Positive on a charging pin (1st pin from your left-hand side).

Make sure that the voltage is between 5V to 5.5V, if it is not then replaced charging connector. (Charging Connector can be replaced by heating it from the opposite side of the board, while heating it, pull charging connector with the help of Tweezers).

Now remove metal sheet covering the charging section (It contains Charging IC and Components).

Check continuity between Fuse and Charging Pin (1st from your left-hand side). If there is no continuity, place jumper.

Also, check the following, and replace them if damaged:

Heat charging IC, if it is faulty then replace it.

Now check charge at the battery terminals, if it is not standard voltage then re-solder or replace battery terminals.

Potential Fixes For Redmi 6A Not Charging Issue

There could be several reasons for Redmi 6A Not Charging issue, and the solutions are listed below: You can also read battery saving tips for android devices to extend the battery life of your device.

Step 1: Use the correct charger

Step 2: Let the device charge for a while before using it

Step 3: Fix USB port

Step 4: Change the cable

Step 5: Clean the port

Step 6: Check battery

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