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Realme 8 Pro: good specifications and interesting design …

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Realme 8 Pro is a tempting prospect, offering a selection of cutting-edge specifications at a price that outperforms much of the competition. As good as the interior looks, one aspect of the design caught my attention for all the wrong reasons.

Realme really wants to showcase its camera technology, as it has equipped the phone with a 108MP main camera. This is a Samsung HM2 sensor with pixel binning and some zoom tricks that tries to capture 12 megapixel photos with 3x zoom through a “clarity enhancement” algorithm.

Pixel binning is a process designed to reduce noise and improve the overall quality of the photo.

You have 50w of charge that should, according to Realme, charge the 4500mAh cell in about 47 minutes. Realme even includes the charger in the box, something you won’t find on the iPhone 12 or Samsung Galaxy S21.

Realme 8 Pro good specifications and interesting design

Turning on the phone is the Snapdragon 720G, which may not have 5G, but should have a strong overall performance. The screen also looks impressive and I like the slightly smaller 6.4-inch panel that Realme chose.

It is a Full HD AMOLED panel that should offer shades of black and strong colors. It also has a sampling rate of 180 Hz, so your button presses in games should be recorded quickly.


The design of the phone is stamped with the great motto “Dare to jump” right on the back. It is a bold move and Realme should probably be credited in some way for trying to visually differentiate your phone.

1616767918 897 Realme 8 Pro good specifications and interesting design

It’s a trend that just seems to be growing and I’m far from a fan. Recently, the Poco X3 Pro, which is another strong and affordable device. But, for some reason, it has ‘POCO’ in huge letters stamped on the back.

If you are happy to live with this notorious brand, then the Realme 8 Pro should be an attractive device and we will have a complete review for you soon. It will be available for purchase from March 31 on Amazon for £ 279.

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