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Rally from Mozilla shares your data with scientists

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Mozilla Foundation launched RallyIt is a private and transparent browser platform at its core.

Each online click means that information is shared with the websites we have decided to visit. The algorithms of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram select ads and serve them to us accordingly.

On the other hand, reports often surface that untrustworthy companies have stolen data and used it to their advantage.

Mozilla said: “Rally puts users in control of their data and gives them the ability to contribute their browsing data to crowdfunding projects for a better Internet and a better community – a community that puts people first and respects their privacy.”

“We’ve pioneered privacy features that help you control your data by blocking trackers,” she added. Enabling data also means having the ability to choose who you want access to your data.

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Mozilla launched the Rally research initiative, which was developed in collaboration with the research team of Professor Jonathan Mayer at Princeton University.

Moreover, the initiative is a team effort that allows scientists and researchers to conduct studies on the web and invite people to participate.

“Excluding people from decisions about their data is an inequality that hurts people, society and the Internet,” said Rebecca Weiss, Rally Project Leader.

“We believe you should determine who benefits from your data,” she added. We are optimistic about data and want to change the way the data economy works for both individuals and businesses. And we want to know how Rally can help understand and improve some of the Internet’s biggest problems.

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Mozilla launches Rally:

The first study is Political News and the Coronavirus, which looks at how people interact with news and misinformation about politics and the Coronavirus via online services.

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On the other hand, the Princeton University team that helped Mozilla develop the Rally research initiative is working on this project.

The second study that Mozilla plans to release soon, called Beyond Pay, is a project in partnership with Shoshana Wasserman and Greg Martin of Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.

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This study aims to better understand news consumption, what people value in news, and the economy that can build a more sustainable newspaper ecosystem in the online marketplace.

Rally is currently available to users of Firefox for PC in the United States. On the other hand, the organization plans to launch it for other web browsers and in other countries in the future.

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