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R5 Alpine: the compact sports car based on the Renault 5

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The Renault Group has already made its position clear for the future when it presented the Renaulution — the restructuring plan that aims to return to the French manufacturer’s glory days — where the commitment to the development of C and D-segment cars was mentioned in the However, by the same token, Renault is abandoning its sporting career in order to expand Alpine’s.

Alpine, which enters as a team in F1, participates in the endurance championship and assumes the position left by Renault in the development of sports cars. This already victorious brand returns after an acquisition in the 70s and after several years of developing high performance vehicles, Alpine is coming stronger than ever and with all the financial support of the Group.

Following the famous A110 model that brought memories of the Monte Carlo Rally time, in a clear approximation to the famous winning model, now comes the R5 Alpine, a model based entirely on the new electric Renault 5 presented by Renault at the beginning of this year 2021. Check out our article about it here.. This all-electric compact now developed at Alpine factories will bring all the sporting technology and know-how this small compact could count on.

R5 Alpine the compact sports car based on the Renault

As per the goals it sets itself, Alpine, as well as the rest of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, are following the path to electric mobility, with a focus on both the fuel cell and the 100% electric. This R5 Alpine has the new used electric motorization and presented with the new electric crossover from Renault, the Megane e-Tech Electric, as confirmed by a responsible engineer.

In this ambition to launch electric sports models, Alpine is not alone. In addition to the development of the R5 Alpine, there is still to be developed an SUV (also electric) and another sports vehicle developed in partnership with Lotus — which even has a small rear diffuser. Executive vice president of engineering, Gilles le Borgne, confirmed that this R5 will not only be a rebranding of the Renault 5, but will also take advantage of a 215 hp front engine, which depending on weight, can range from 0 to 100 km /h in less than six seconds.

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According to Le Borgne, a model of “the dream garage [da Alpine] it will be an R5” edition given the success and impact achieved during the Renault 5 era that marked the French manufacturer forever. When asked how a smaller architecture — the CMF-BEV (more compact) — would handle the new electric motor present in the Megane eVision, the person in charge says it is possible, because “we want to make Alpine cars”. By applying a size reduction to the electric motor of the Renault 5, it has a global installation, compared to existing platforms. Just “adjust the chassis to something sportier on the R5 Alpine”.

Alpine’s French are also working on an SUV model with the 215 hp engine used in the Mégane e-Tech Electric and “a surprise in the rear”. Renault’s subsidiary brand seeks to develop torque vectoring technology that can be used on various models to gain greater control and extract more performance from the vehicle. There is a strong chance that the R5 Alpine could come equipped with a 52 kWh battery (the largest on the platform) capable of 320 km of autonomy. This chassis must deliver superior performance, sharing components with the same platform as the Clio.

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