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Queen’s Nintendo Wii gold is now on sale on eBay priced at $ 300,000

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Almost a decade ago, video game publisher THQ invented a clever public relations ploy for its latest Wii game, Big Family Games.

The mediocre compilation of minigames was aimed at the family market, so THQ had an exclusive gold Nintendo Wii console made for the most famous family in the country – the royal family – and then sent the console addressed to the queen herself. wait, the Queen rejected the delivery – but that did not stop the press from continuing to tell the story.

In 2019, People Make Games tracked the Queen’s gold Wii to its current owner, a Dutch video game collector named Donny. The video below details how it all happened – and is worth watching.

Queens Nintendo Wii gold is now on sale on eBay


In an interview with, Donny revealed why he put the console up for sale now, two years later:

“The reason I am selling is simple: move on with life.”

“I’ve been in a place all my life, it’s time to get my own place. Sometimes it has been difficult for me to have free time or to relax. Lately, it’s all curriculum and my daily work. When I come home, I can’t spend much ‘my time’, so I would like to take a step and move on. ”

Fillerup is still the owner, responsible for listing him on eBay. He is thinking about buying a house for the first time and imagines that the Wii could finance it.

“Unnamed people in the cutting edge gaming industry” estimated at Gamescom 2019 that the gold Wii could be worth $ 1 million; Fillerup says that only $ 300,000 should cover his home search needs, so he hopes to achieve that.

“I want to be reasonable when buying a seat for myself, and $ 300,000 is the price that I proposed. I DON’T NEED it anymore. In addition, it gives more people the opportunity to buy it. ”

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