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Prologue.. Honda’s first electric SUV

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revealed Honda announced the names of the first two electric SUVs it intends to sell in North America.

The car is called Honda Prologue, and it will go on sale in the United States and Canada from 2024, according to Honda’s sales manager.

The Prologue makes sense given that it is supposed to be a precursor to the Japanese company’s efforts to completely electric its range by 2040.

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It is also, in particular, synonymous with Prelude, the name of Honda’s famous sports coupe from the 1980s.

The Prologue is the first of two vehicles Honda is co-developing with General Motors, using the US automaker’s Ultium battery packs.

The other is the Acura, which is being developed jointly with General Motors. But the company did not reveal any new information about it at this time.

“With Prologue, we aim to provide a highly competitive product with functionality to meet the diverse needs of our customers,” Honda said.

Honda has previously stated that it designs the exterior and interior parts for new electric vehicles, while the drivetrain is being designed by General Motors to support Honda’s specifications.

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Honda electric lineup

These vehicles are manufactured at GM’s North American plants, with sales expected to begin in 2024.

Honda’s interest in the Prologue was reported in April when the automaker filed a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the name.

According to the filing, Honda said it uses the name to cover ground vehicles, i.e. cars, battery electric vehicles, and structural parts of the above.

Honda is remaining silent about any other details or specifications about the Prologue at this time. But the company is targeting roughly annual sales volume between the Honda Passport and Honda Pilot.

But Honda isn’t planning to stop with just two of the electric vehicles it’s developing with General Motors. Rather, it plans in the second half of the decade to launch a series of electric vehicles based on the automaker’s Honda e-Architecture.

These vehicles help the Japanese company achieve its goal of becoming fully electric by 2040.

The Japanese electric company’s lineup is limited compared to other automakers.

The company recently discontinued its Clarity EV, although it continues to sell hydrogen and hybrid versions of the car. The Honda E, which went on sale last summer, is only available in Japan and Europe.

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