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Priberam Announces New Flip 11

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Priberam launches FLiP 11 today, the eleventh version of the review and writing aid package of the Portuguese company, known for its Dictionary.

FLiP 11, available only for Windows, is fully compatible with Microsoft Office 2019 and, as of this version, there is no longer a different product for the Brazilian market – that is, this is a FLiP for the whole world.

“The availability of a program like FLiP, when Microsoft Office already includes spell checkers, may seem redundant”, admits Priberam CEO Carlos Amaral, “but the added value we were able to offer clearly justifies the continuation of development of the FLiP”.

Priberam Announces New Flip 11

Priberam estimates that FLiP 11 is about 5 times more error-correcting than native Office 2019 spelling and syntactic correction tools.

“Increasingly, spell checkers are available that can be easily developed by any company and for any language, simply using massive amounts of texts”, says Carlos Amaral, “but with the Spelling Agreement, and the differences between Portuguese of Portugal and Brazilian Portuguese, it is not possible to guarantee that the final result will effectively respect the orthographic rules established in each of the countries, without in-depth work by a team of lexicographers like the one that maintains the databases lexicals of FLiP and Priberam Dictionary.”

For some reason, FLiP has become, over the last few decades, the tool of choice for the main media in Portugal and Brazil (such as Expresso, Público, Agência Lusa or Folha de São Paulo) and from institutions that seek the highest quality of spelling and syntactic correction possible, such as the European Commission or the National Press Mint, among many others.

Since 2015, Priberam has provided a review API that supports plugins of FLiP for WordPress and a set of web editors, which has allowed to integrate the company’s brokers in various editorial systems.

Twenty-six years after the launch of the first version of FLiP, FLiP 11 reinforces Priberam’s position as an absolute reference in terms of spelling and syntactic correction of the Portuguese language in word processing and digital editing applications.

Compatible with Windows 10 and Office 2019, FLiP 11 includes a fully revised general lexicon and thematic dictionaries, incorporates a new edition of Priberam Dictionary (which has gone from around 100,000 to over 130,000 entries), and is even compatible with Open Office and with the latest versions of Adobe applications, such as InCopy and InDesign.

Its price is €59.99 for a license, or €69.99 for a 3 license pack. The price for upgrading from versions 8, 9 and 10 is €39.99 (one license) or €48.99 (3 licenses).

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