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Portugal receives exclusive Instagram Search functionality

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Now we already know that companies are always testing new features and introducing them to the market gradually and in stages, and it is normal for some countries to receive the news before others, but Portugal is not usually one of those countries.

However, Instagram has just announced a new feature that is available in Portugal and in only three other countries: Italy, Spain and Greece. The feature is called “Search on the Map” and will allow you to search for many new features within Instagram.

The new feature launched today aims to offer a new tool to make it easier for users to find nearby and popular businesses, such as restaurants, cafes or stores, based on the user’s location and search around them, which is called “Map Search”.


This tool aims to reflect the behavior of users on the social network, as it usually uses the Facebook platform to share moments from a certain place, be it a monument, a restaurant or a store, through hastags, and now they are the same hashtags that will help for useful local searches.

The new functionality can be used in two ways. The most distinctive feature is a new way of browsing Instagram. By choosing the “Search on the Map” icon, in the upper right corner of the navigation bar, the most popular places and places near you will appear, differentiated in hashtags by categories. The other way is through hashtag search, and when you search for a specific hashtag, restaurants or stores will appear that use that same hashtag in their publications, and you can access all the information about the respective business through its Instagram page .

According to Instagram, in a statement, Instagram developed this new feature after observing the behavior of its users and the way they look for businesses and services of interest and close to their location. And the social network believes this is a more convenient way to find local businesses and an opportunity for small and medium business owners to get more customers through Instagram.


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