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Portugal already has the first 5G Stadium

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5G is not yet available in Portugal, but there is little left, as we are already in the auction phase of the available networks and everything points to that during the summer we have the first 5G tariffs available on the market, and the operators themselves have already made tariffs available. that will allow the upgrade to the new communication network. In this sense, we have already seen some investments by operators and other entities and Benfica is the most recent, namely at Estádio da Luz.

NOS and Benfica today presented the first 5G Stadium in Portugal. NOS provided the Sport Lisboa e Benfica stadium with 5G coverage, allowing fans and the entire collaborative structure of the Club to take advantage of the most disruptive characteristics of this new technology, when it is working.

5G, the new technological revolution, will allow the more than 65 thousand fans that Estádio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica has, an experience of access to mobile internet on average 10 times faster, with speeds above 1 Gbps. This means downloads and uploads of photos or videos almost instantly, or video calls without any interruption, with the stadium at its maximum capacity.

Portugal already has the first 5G Stadium

The capacity of the network will also be greater, making it possible to process a much larger volume of data within the stadium. Before the pandemic, with the presence of the public, the average volume of data per game exceeded 1 Terabyte, and it is expected that with the 5G this number will double or triple, depending on people’s adherence to the technology.

5G will radically transform the experience of those who watch Benfica games, through access to content in a totally immersive way, thanks to the combination of 5G with technologies such as virtual or augmented reality. Access to game or player statistics in real time, possibility to choose the angle from which you want to watch the game, activating in real time one of the many cameras that are being used in the broadcast, or possibility to stream video live, in high quality and definition, are some of the countless experiences that football lovers will be able to live in the first 5G Stadium.

According to Manuel Ramalho Eanes, Executive Director of NOS, “this is a technological milestone of enormous relevance for NOS, either by building our leadership path in 5G, or by transforming the Estádio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica into a highly digital and intelligent sports arena, unique in Portugal. When 5G becomes a reality, we want to be the first to deliver it to people and companies, and since football is a natural territory for technology to develop, it makes sense to create, now, all the conditions for that to happen ”.

Rui Costa, Vice-President of Sport Lisboa e Benfica, says “Sport Lisboa e Benfica is a Club where innovation is at the center of its strategy. This is a transformative project. Being the first 5G stadium in Portugal is a source of pride. This technology will bring Benfica even closer to its Partners, supporters and supporters. It means an improved experience in this stadium, for all our fans and for Benfica, as an organization”.

In addition to the huge revolution in terms of experience for supporters, NOS 5G network will have a direct impact on the functioning of Benfica, allowing to optimize communication between technical teams, accurately measure the performance of players and access statistics and tactical analysis In real time. At the same time, it will also benefit all services related to the normal functioning of the Club, such as television broadcasts made from the stadium or trade and catering services.

The 5G coverage of Estádio da Luz is ensured through a system of 5G antennas on each of the stadium wings, which guarantees full coverage of the benches, being complemented by a system of 5G cells to cover strategic areas of the Stadium, such as Centro Press, Presidential Box or NOS Box.

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