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Portal TV gets support for Zoom video calls

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She added Facebook supports Zoom and GoToMeeting platforms to Portal TV

Zoom and GoToMeeting, as well as BlueJeans and Webex, are available on Facebook’s mobile Portal devices, including Standard Portal, Portal Mini, and Portal Plus.

The new additions should make the Portal TV device more useful as a working webcam, as well as make it useful when conducting digital meeting sessions in the era of Coronavirus via Zoom.

Facebook said: Your favorite Zoom function now extends to the largest screen in your home, so you can work from your sofa as well as from your office.

She added: This includes joining breakout rooms to brainstorm in smaller groups, calendar integration to help you stay on top of your schedule, screen sharing to improve remote collaboration, and default wallpapers to improve your overall experience.

And the smart camera in the device helps to keep you within the frame, and the smart sound enhances your voice and reduces background noise until you reach your business calls loud and clear.

And since the device handles your video calls, it frees up your computer screen to increase productivity during meetings and throughout your day.

Facebook is slowly building the feature set for its Portal family of video chatting devices.

Facebook added the Netflix platform to Portal TV in October of last year, while the second-generation Portal device and the first Portal Mini device released in 2019 received support for WhatsApp communication along with reducing device prices.

These additions come as the world changes and shifts towards working remotely, and in a recent survey conducted by PwC, 55 percent of employees prefer to work from home for at least three days a week after the Coronavirus.

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