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Porsche says OTA Software updates won’t turn cars into smartphones

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The traditional formula of launching a next generation car and then giving it a makeover in the middle of the cycle approximately four years later, will remain in place. By incorporating support for OTA (Over the Air) updates, Porsche will be able to bundle more equipment into its cars from the start and place them behind paho access.

‘Functions on Demand’ is what it’s called, allowing Taycan owners to get over-the-air updates to unlock features like ‘Active Lane Keep Assist’ by getting a monthly subscription.

Robert Meier told Autocar that Taycan and future models with support for OTA updates will remain first as cars, rather than turning into smartphone-like devices: “We don’t really plan on doing many, many updates like on a smartphone. It is not a smartphone: it is a car that you have to drive safely. In my view, we will not see these [atualizações] how often you see yourself on a phone. “

Porsche says OTA Software updates wont turn cars into smartphonesThere won’t be as many OTA updates as you get on a smartphone, and the fact that cars have become mobile computers is news yesterday and manufacturers are far from implementing sophisticated software in their vehicles. This is happening even after the purchase, as more and more companies are announcing support for remote updates. Excluding Tesla, Porsche is among the first to plan OTA overhauls for its cars, starting with the Taycan.

The first electric sedans built during the year 2020 with updated software applied, have faster acceleration for the Turbo S, improved loading functionality and Smartlift function for models equipped with air suspension. While more future OTA updates are on the agenda, Taycan director Robert Meier says that Porsches will not follow the strategy used by smartphone makers who frequently release new software on their devices.

Following Taycan / Taycan Cross Turismo, the next Porsche model with support for OTA updates is likely to be the new Macan. It is being developed exclusively as an EV and will be the first VW Group model to run on the PPE platform that the Zuffenhausen brand is developing with Audi.

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The Four Rings brand is launching an equivalent Q6 E-Tron, with both planned to launch in 2022.

Porsche and Tesla are not the only builders working on upgrades, as Ford is doing the same with the Mustang Mach-E and the F-150. In addition, VW will update ID.3 and ID.4 sooner or later, while Mercedes has been launching OTA updates in the United States since 2013.

The Jaguar I-Pace achieved more kilometers of extra reach in late 2019 through a software update, and Volvo is also improving its cars quickly.

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