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Porsche presents Porsche Communication Management 6.0

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The Porsche Track Precision app is free, and can now be displayed on your car screen with Apple CarPlay. It has 300 programmed international routes and circuits, a system that can monitor the car’s performance. No infotainment system is complete without an accompanying smartphone app.

The Porsche Connect app gives drivers access to a number of vehicle features when they are away from the car, including remote door locking and unlocking. The Porsche Taycan, Cayenne and Panamera equipped with hybrid drive can adjust the car’s interior temperature with the ability to program pre-cooling / preheating to planned departure times.

Customers will also be able to track tire pressure, door lock status, and more through their phones. PCM 6.0 improves voice control, improves navigation, a new layout and more, in software that is becoming a vital part of the in-car experience as car manufacturers further digitize it, a key intermediary in the way we interact with our cars.

Porsche presents Porsche Communication Management 60Car companies large and small are launching new infotainment software, voice assistants and smartphone applications. Porsche is no different, today introducing Porsche Communication Management 6.0 – a bundle of free software designed to help occupants personalize their driving experience.

PCM 6.0 has received a number of new features, but the experience starts with an improved layout – updated icon designs, a new font and new colors. Easy-to-read information is crucial in a car, but looking at the infotainment screen is just one mode of interaction.

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Passengers can stop tapping the screen with the evolution of voice control. “Hey Porsche,” gives access to a series of functions such as “I need gas”, instructing the navigation system to initiate a search for gas stations. Other voice-controllable functions include massage seats, air conditioning, and ambient lighting.

Another feature of PMC 6.0 is its new smart navigation capability which not only ensures that the latest and most accurate of maps are downloaded, but can also calculate the driving route in real time with traffic. It goes so far that it includes seeing to the driver how much traffic is on a specific route.

PCM 6.0 users will also be able to use Apple’s two wireless devices CarPlay (previously available) and wired Android Auto (newly available). Drivers will also be able to access PCM voice assistance and Android and Apple voice assistants.

1624101874 108 Porsche presents Porsche Communication Management 60

One of the most interesting features, which is still in the prototype stage, is Soundtrack My Life. The feature provides a literal soundtrack adapted to the car’s route and the driver’s driving style. Porsche says it’s not based on classic sound structures and is more like a movie soundtrack, and adapting to how the driver accelerates, brakes and manages corners. If Porsche decides to produce it, it will be integrated into the Porsche Connect app. PCM 6.0 arrives this summer at 911, Panamera and Cayenne.

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