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Pokemon Unite is now available for Nintendo Switch

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The latest Pokémon Unite game, the first team battle strategy game from Pokemon, is now available for download exclusively for Nintendo Switch systems. To celebrate the release of the version of Pokemon UNIT for Nintendo Switch, Coaches will be able to watch a new worldwide presentation video, which you can find below.

At the Pokemon UNIT, players face off in battles against teams of five elements each. During these battles, players will work together with teammates to defeat Pokemon wild, as well as level up and evolve your own Pokemon. will have to defeat the Pokemon of your opponents and try to earn more points than the opposing team, within the allotted time.

Along with the release of Pokemon UNIT for the Nintendo Switch system, players will also be able to enjoy the game’s first season, “Welcome to Aeos Island!”. The season’s battle pass will include numerous rewards, from in-game currency to Holowear pieces.

Players will have to complete daily and weekly missions throughout the season in order to level up their Battle Pass and receive rewards based on that level. In addition, players who purchase the Premium Pass will have the opportunity to receive even more rewards, including Hip-Hop Style Holowear: Pikachu and Captain Style: Cinderace pieces.

O Pokemon UNIT will be available on mobile devices in September 2021. The cross-platform gaming functionality between Nintendo Switch and mobile devices is expected to be released, which will allow players of both platforms to fight together and with each other.

Additionally, if you sign in with your Nintendo Account or account Pokemon Trainer Club will be able to use your game data on any device. O Pokemon UNIT it’s free to download, with the possibility of optional in-game purchases.

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