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Pokémon Go weekly challenge 3, top, shiny Bellsprout and more

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For Pokémon Go lovers and players this is the third and final week before Pokémon Go Fest 2020 and Niantic is preparing Pokémon Go players with a new event that will introduce a new Pokémon and debut a Shiny.

For those who don’t know, Pokémon Go Fest events will allow players to complete challenges to make this year’s Go Fest the best it is allowed to be due to the contingencies we experience today. Because this year’s Pokémon Go Fest will be a remote event thanks to COVID-19, trainers should try to complete all timed research tasks to make sure they have more to gain when Go Fest 2020 starts, right next weekend. week.

That said, this week’s Pokémon Go event will focus on friendships and the connection between you and your Pokémon.

As in the previous two weeks, this timed event will have its next exclusive research tasks for Pokémon Go players to complete.

pokemon go desafio semanal 3 inicio shiny bellsprout e mais

There are three sets of tasks and players will be rewarded with an encounter with Alolan Raichu, a Petilil and more. Petilil will make its debut on Pokémon Go this week, so it’s the easiest way to add it to your PokeDex.

After completing the timed survey, more “elite” challenges will appear that will really test the friendship of Pokémon Go coaches. Of course, these tasks do not need to be completed to earn any kind of reward for Pokémon Go Fest, but you will win more rewards and the right to brag about being able to complete them.

The event has already started in some areas of the world and here is a sniff of what the list of timed research tasks brings: win a heart with your Buddy Pokémon; Send a gift to your friend; Play with your Pokémon Buddy.

source: Newsweek

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