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Pokémon Go Fest is rolling… But developer Niantic already has a date for the next events

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The Pokémon Go Fest, the game’s big annual ticket event, takes place this weekend – but developer Niantic is already looking to the future and what lies ahead. Go Fest ticket holders will unlock three great weeks of events to be followed for the rest of the summer for everyone to attend later.

The first is Dragon Week, which lasts seven days starting next Friday, July 31, at 9 pm UK time.

This will show Dragon-type Pokémon highlighted in wild and 7 km eggs, free research for several Deino (now available Shiny) and the long-awaited return of Rayquaza, a fan favorite, in attacks.

The second will be Enigma Week, which lasts seven days from Friday, August 7, at 9 pm, Lisbon time. Generation 5 Pokémon Elgyem will launch for the first time, while Normal Forme Deoxys will return to attacks and will be brilliant for the first time. Staryu will also be released as a brilliant.

pokemon go vai ter uma nova ferramenta social que vai ligar ao harry potter wizards unite e muito mais

Finally, Unova Week, which lasts seven days from Friday, August 14, at 9:00 pm, UK time.

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This will happen with the launch of several remaining Generation 5 creatures, such as Sewaddle, Cottonee, Emolga and Bouffalant – the last of which will be a New York area regional exclusive. Genesect will be under attack, it is now possible with Shiny, while the Shiny version of Roggenrola is also released.

Confirmation for these three weeks depends on Go Fest ticket holders achieving a number of challenges at the event, but it is difficult to see how these various limits will be lost.

pokemon fest este ano vai ser online

The Go Fest day will feature new research on Mythical Pokémon and a rotating hourly “habitats” schedule featuring different types of Pokémon. Sunday will offer a different story, as Team Rocket is eyeing its new Mythical Pokémon award.

Finally, the storage in the Pokémon Go game had finally increased to 3,500 creatures. Go Fest tickets cost £ 15, with all Niantic resources going to various Black Lives Matter> charities, for a minimum donation of $ 5 million.


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